Review of Hungry Moon-Destiny


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REVIEW- 5 Romanticals

First of all I have to say I have yet to be disappointed by Claudy’s books. Her books go beyond my expectations. They are all so very well written.

I absolutely love how Claudy connects all of her books. It’s like each book is somehow connected in a special way even if it’s a part of a different series. She has created such an incredible magical world that you can not help but want to be a part of. This book has twists that will make you scream OMG! WOW! AMAZING!

We get visits from some of my favorite characters from the previous books. It’s such a great treat.

In this book we again meet with Andrew. He has a task that he will have to complete to get what he wants. The evil wizard Baudali is helping him. Will these 2 be able to accomplish their task?

Luke a handsome Scottish hybrid with green eyes is on a mission to stop Andrew. He meets the beautiful Kelsey. Right off the start there is explosive chemistry between them. They both try to fight it though.

Kelsey, a wolf shifter with something a little extra inside her. She is struggling with what is inside her. She doesn’t fully understand it or how to control it. On top of that she encounters the most handsome man she has ever seen. She knew she was in trouble when it came to him.
Can she discover herself while losing herself to the passion burning inside her for Luke?

Will Luke be able to help Kelsey? Love Kelsey? and at the same time be able to stop Andrews evil plans?

Well I will guarantee you that if you read this book you will LOVE it! Matter of fact you will want to read all of her other books because you will become addicted :)))




(Review) Memories of Murder By Lara Nance

10823280Amazon Buy Link: Memories of Murder (GEM Paranormal Mysteries)

When Maeve McKenna renounces her witch powers and accepts a low-key nurse practitioner position at a Virginia retirement community, the last thing she expects is a suicide her first day on the job. As the town’s sexy sheriff, Paul Sutton, starts looking into the tragic death of his father’s friend, Maeve can’t help but get involved–with both the case and him.

Their informal investigation unveils an old journal that connects the ruins of a nearby asylum and long-forgotten cemetery with the shiny new retirement community’s memory unit–and Maeve’s Alzheimer’s patients. Maeve senses a sinister presence in the old asylum, calling to the patients, but in order to stop it from killing again, she must first conquer some demons of her own and reclaim the magic she’s denied herself.

My Review:
This book pulls you in from the first page. Right from the start you want to keep reading to see what happens next.

This book had a lot of mystery, suspense, horror, paranormal and a bit of romance.

Maeve a pretty red head who has a special hidden talent and a traumatic past wants to start over so she moves to a small town to start fresh. But right from the start she realizes something isn’t right.

Paul a handsome small town boy who became a green beret is pretty much forced back home when he finds out his father has become ill. He takes over the job as sheriff.

Maeve and Paul meet her first day in town when something terrible happens. Can they work together to solve the mystery? Will the secrets Maeve is hiding prevent that?

I enjoyed the characters of the mother and aunts. They brought fun and laughter to brighten up the book. The reading of the journal really made the story pop.

The ending wasn’t what I expected. There were a few unexpected things that happened.

All in all this was a pretty good book. I have a few issues with it though. Like for instance, I do not understand Maeve’s reaction to what happened in her past. I understand she didn’t want to use her talent to kill but in self defense it should have been okay.
I think that if Lara gave us a little bit more background into what happened with Maeve before she came to Rolling Gap that I might of understood her situation more. Also I do not know if it was just my copy of the book or not but there were names missing. Other than that I think it was overall a good book.

My Rating: 4 Romanticals


(Review) Lady X – By Claudy Conn

18299321Buy Link Amazon: Lady X

Wow…. This book has it all! Time travel, Paranormal, and historical. I mixture of all my favorite genres.

There is humor, mystery, suspense, action and lots of sweet passion.

We get witches, warlocks, and wizards. The characters are unforgettable and so loveable.

I really loved the whole idea of this book.

I wish time travel was possible LOL Claudy always has me sighing and imagining when I read her books.

Hunter was a handsome man with some secrets. He is bent on revenge.

X a beautiful young witch about to come into her powers. She was sent back in time.

Can X survive during a different time period without using her magic? Can Hunter still seek his revenge now that he has met X? Well you guys need to go pick up a copy because I tell you this book is a must read!

I love books about witches. Add in Claudy’s magic touch and her amazing imagination it really just makes for a masterful read…

My Rating: 5 Romanticals rating5

Review: Thea Harrison – The Wicked

The Elder Races Series:

Book 5.5

The Wicked: Sebastian Hale and Olivia

The Wicked (Elder Races, #5.5)

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The adventure of a lifetime might just end in turmoil, but when it includes meeting your future mate, who gives a hoot?

A Novella of the Elder Races

For a librarian with a focus on rare magic books, Olivia’s new job is a dream come true. She has been hired as part of a team to help manage the safe transportation of the collection of books owned by the Vampyre sorceress Carling Severan. The fact that the library is located on a mysterious island in an Other land only heightens the adventure.

Head of security for the expedition, Sebastian Hale is tired of his rootless life of adventure and finds himself attracted to the calm, beautiful librarian. But he is living a personal nightmare. He has been hit with a curse that is slowly taking away his sight, and he doesn’t know if he will survive the results.

But the powerful feelings growing between them, along with Sebastian’s inner turmoil, take a backseat when they learn there is a traitor lurking among their expedition team. With Elder Races politics and a priceless library on the line, they’ll have to rely on each other to survive the experience.

Warning: When a librarian who likes to nest meets an owl Wyr who has always lived for adventure, their romance won’t just be fly-by-night…


I have to say I quite enjoyed this novella, it was short but sweet. We originally meet Olivia in Oracle’s Moon; she quickly becomes Grace’s friend and is a witch at the largest witches’ library of the Elder Races. She tends to be quiet but is ready for adventure so she takes the opportunity to pack up Carling’s personal library. She never expected that her life was about to get significantly more exciting. Sebastian is under a Curse, as an Owl Wyr his eyesight is one of his greatest strengths; but the curse is winning against his natural defenses and he is slowly losing his site. He is drowning in boredom and misery when he takes the position as head of security to transport Carlings personal library. He never expected that his boredom was about to come to end, but there is still the curse to deal with.

From the moment Sebastian and Olivia the passion smolders but I like how Sebastian keeps his cool. Outwardly you wouldn’t know that he is insanely attracted to Olivia; he’s not one to wear his heart on his sleeve. Olivia is not sure what to make of this man, but she knows there is more than what he presents to the world. When there is a bit of danger towards Olivia all Sebastian’s protective instincts go haywire and he can’t deny his attraction any longer. I like his concern for Olivia, not only protecting her from outside threats but his concern for her on what her life would be like if she got chained to him since he is cursed and all. What I liked even better was Olivias reaction to his impending blindness. She accepted him and what may happen with his eyesight. She was all in, it didn’t matter to her whether he could see or not, even bringing up a seeing eye avian shifter so that he could still fly. I thought that so sweet and thoughtful. Their talk about their future talk had me in an awe moment as well as well as laughing a bit. I forgot how funny Thea Harrison could be. It’s been a while since I had read one of her books so when I broke out laughing a few times, it was like an ahhh… I forgot… moment. Unexpected, but very welcome. There is also a bit of action in this book, not a whole lot, I mean it’s only about 100 pages but Harrison manages to get it in there to keep things interesting. If you enjoy this series, I definitely recommend this novella. It’s a quick fun read that fits in quite nicely with the rest of the series.


4.5  Romanticals

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Review- Reluctant (Highland Historical) (The MacKays #3)


I am in awe with this new novella Kerrigan released. I have been really dying for this one to come out.
This series has me so addicted to the magical and enchanting world Kerrigan has created.

Seriously HOLY SHIT!!! The sex scenes were about to put my kindle on fire! I could feel the heat… I can always expect Kerrigan’s books to have that WOW factor!

I mean they are always classy but still oh so erotic. I really enjoyed how she brought everyone back into this one. I loved seeing everyone again. I say “seeing” because I can always picture the details in my mind because Kerrigan’s details are vivid and alive.

Kamdym is a banshee, the last of her 3 sisters to find a mate. She has pledged herself to the Banshee queen to protect her sisters. After many years of serving the queen she is asked to kill the laird of shadows. Does she accept?

Laird of Shadows handsome and ruthless meets the beautiful banshee Kamdyn. Kamdyn has come to kill him.

These 2 have sizzling hot chemistry right from the start. The emotional connection is heart felt.

This was masterful, unique story of lust, passion, honor, and love.

This is a keeper that I will read over and over again! If I could I would give it more than 5 stars!

5 Romanticals

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Review- DarkLove by Claudy Conn


Ireland back drop, castles, romance and hot sex hmm what more can I say? haha I loved this book right from the beginning. I was pulled in with Claudy’s vivid details. Claudy describes the magic so well you can imagine it in your mind with no problem.

I am a sucker for paranormal regency romance books. They are pretty much my favorite. I swear I was born in the time 🙂

There was something very enchanting and magical to this book. The love story was so sweet but there was also darkness to it as well “Darklove” describes it perfectly.

Chaz is a blonde, green eyed beauty who is coming into her own as a witch. Her parents were brutally murdered and she will not rest until she finds out who is responsible and makes them pay for it. That is until she meets Jethro.. He is handsome, dark and dangerous. He makes her feel things she has never felt before. Can she trust him? She knows he is hiding something from her.
Can they work together? Well read this book and find out!!!

The chemistry between Chaz and Jethro was sizzling hot.. Their encounter in the study was erotic and oh so sexy!!

This is a must read for all paranormal, regency and magic lovers 🙂

Rating: 5 Romanticals
Sexual Heat Rating: 5 Smoking HOT Stars
Cover: Is amazing! Dark and sexy just like the book.. Love the tattoo on Jethro’s chest
Characters: Intriguing and loveable
Story line: Erotic, Mysterious and sexy
Will I continue to read more from this author: Always and Forever!

Favorite Sentences: (Highlighted on my Kindle)
“At that moment, only the two of them existed. No other people on the dance floor- what dance floor?- jsut the two of them, connected, floating. The fireworks in her head and the beating of her wayward heart drowned out the music. Sensation-raw, carnal and alive. It breathed inside her and begged her to succumb to its will”

“Magnetism and sexuality floated around him with an aroma that drew women. He gave off a scent that made a dark and silent promise to take a woman to that special place no one else could completely take her to.”

“She stared back and almost giggled. This is what it means when they say a man is hung like a stallion.

“Och, lass… not the magic you mean-but oh how it roars between us. Do ye feel it, Chaz? No spells, no potions, only magic that comes from inside of you and pulls on the soul inside of me. Do you feel it, love.. as I do?”

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ARC Review: Molly Harper – A Witch’s Handbook of Kisses and Curses

Half Moon Hollow Series:

Book 3:

A Witch’s Handbook of Kisses and Curses: Nola Leary and Jed Trudeau


A Witch's Handbook of Kisses and Curses (Half Moon Hollow, #2)


Expected publication: May 28th 2013

Purchase on Amazon: Molly Harper – A Witch’s Handbook of Kisses and Curses




Nola Leary would have been content to stay in Kilcairy, Ireland, healing villagers at her family’s clinic with a mix of magic and modern medicine. But a series of ill-timed omens and a deathbed promise to her grandmother have sent her on a quest to Half-Moon Hollow, Kentucky, to secure her family’s magical potency for the next generation. Her supernatural task? To unearth four artifacts hidden by her grandfather before a rival magical family beats her to it.

Complication One: Her grandfather was Mr. Wainwright and the artifacts are lost somewhere in what is now Jane Jameson’s book shop.

Complication Two: her new neighbor, Jed Trudeau, who keeps turning up half naked at the strangest times, a distraction Nola doesn’t need. And teaming up with a real-life Adonis is as dangerous as it sounds, especially when he’s got the face of an angel and the abs of a washboard—can Nola complete her mission before falling completely under his spell?



I freak’n adore Molly Harper! She is on my auto-buy list for a reason. I count on Molly Harper to make me laugh every time I pick up one of her books not a fail. This is the reason I read Molly Harper! With this book I got exactly what I expected, a fun, light humorous book that I didn’t want to put down.

The Half Moon Hollow crew is back in this book in their supporting roles. You can count on Jane and crew to make you laugh, in this book we have newcomer to the crew Nola. She is on a task to find her families artifacts, if she fails, her entire family may lose their magic. Nola, has never been a big practitioner of her own magic but that doesn’t mean that she wants her family to lose their magic, their entire village in Ireland counts on it. Back in Ireland Nola is the most practical of her family; I like that in this book she loses a bit of that out of necessity. Her task in general is a bit crazy so she has to go outside her comfort zone quite a bit to reach her goal. Back home, she has a straight laced boring boyfriend. In Half Moon Hollow she has a gorgeous neighbor that tempts her more then he ought to, especially since she has a perfectly lovely boyfriend back home, or is he? While in Half Moon Hollow, things start falling apart between her and her man. And honestly you can’t even dredge up and remorse for that, not with Jed next door! Jed, is muscled, sexy and good with power tools! Plus he is a savior of small marsupials. I mean really how can you turn that down, for boring? Lola starts asking herself that question on a regular basis.

The romance in the story is a bit slow to start, for a while I was wondering if it was going to happen at all. However, that didn’t really detract from the story for me. I don’t necessarily pick up Molly Harper for the romance, although it is a nice benefit. I pick up Molly Harper because I want to laugh uproariously and that mission was accomplished with this book. I consider that a win! While this book is light on the romance it in heavy on the laughs. So if you want to laugh, pick this one up!


*This book was provided to me through Edelweiss for an honest review. No other compensation was provided.


Rating: 4.5 Romanticals


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