Review- DarkLove by Claudy Conn


Ireland back drop, castles, romance and hot sex hmm what more can I say? haha I loved this book right from the beginning. I was pulled in with Claudy’s vivid details. Claudy describes the magic so well you can imagine it in your mind with no problem.

I am a sucker for paranormal regency romance books. They are pretty much my favorite. I swear I was born in the time 🙂

There was something very enchanting and magical to this book. The love story was so sweet but there was also darkness to it as well “Darklove” describes it perfectly.

Chaz is a blonde, green eyed beauty who is coming into her own as a witch. Her parents were brutally murdered and she will not rest until she finds out who is responsible and makes them pay for it. That is until she meets Jethro.. He is handsome, dark and dangerous. He makes her feel things she has never felt before. Can she trust him? She knows he is hiding something from her.
Can they work together? Well read this book and find out!!!

The chemistry between Chaz and Jethro was sizzling hot.. Their encounter in the study was erotic and oh so sexy!!

This is a must read for all paranormal, regency and magic lovers 🙂

Rating: 5 Romanticals
Sexual Heat Rating: 5 Smoking HOT Stars
Cover: Is amazing! Dark and sexy just like the book.. Love the tattoo on Jethro’s chest
Characters: Intriguing and loveable
Story line: Erotic, Mysterious and sexy
Will I continue to read more from this author: Always and Forever!

Favorite Sentences: (Highlighted on my Kindle)
“At that moment, only the two of them existed. No other people on the dance floor- what dance floor?- jsut the two of them, connected, floating. The fireworks in her head and the beating of her wayward heart drowned out the music. Sensation-raw, carnal and alive. It breathed inside her and begged her to succumb to its will”

“Magnetism and sexuality floated around him with an aroma that drew women. He gave off a scent that made a dark and silent promise to take a woman to that special place no one else could completely take her to.”

“She stared back and almost giggled. This is what it means when they say a man is hung like a stallion.

“Och, lass… not the magic you mean-but oh how it roars between us. Do ye feel it, Chaz? No spells, no potions, only magic that comes from inside of you and pulls on the soul inside of me. Do you feel it, love.. as I do?”

Buy Link:Darklove


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