Review- Lady Star by Claudy Conn



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Review: 5 Romanticals

Claudy always amazes me with her books. She comes up with great plots that are exciting. She comes up with these unique story lines that focus on family and love. Each of her books brings us something new.

Every time I am about to read one of her books I feel like I am stepping into a time travel machine LOL

With this book you can’t help but be pulled in from page one. Especially if you have read her previous book with Sir Edward.

We have the handsome Sir Edward who we met in a previous book. He is recovering from a broken heart or at least he thinks he is “wink wink” 🙂

Star is a young beauty left with only her brother. They are having a hard time keeping up with their bills. Star’s brother gets them in some serious trouble.

Sir Edward meets Star and pretty much right away he sees her beauty even though she is basically dressed in rags. There is passion between them that heats up the pages.

Will Star be able to trust Sir Edward? Will she lose her heart to him?

Can Sir Edward get Star to trust him and will she let him help her? Will he lose is heart to her in the process?

Well you will want to read to find out!

If you enjoy a story with Love, Passion, Sensual sex scenes and Strong family values then this is a book for you.




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