(Review) Mandy- By Claudy Conn

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It doesn’t matter what genre Claudy writes, I always find her books a comfort.

This one really touched my heart. The sisterly and brotherly love in this book will touch anyone out there who has a brother they are close to or someone who always wanted to be close to their brother/sister.

There is a lot of mystery and nail biting suspense in this book. Just when you think you know who did what.. the direction changes and you start thinking again LOL

For me there is no competition when it comes to Claudy’s historical romances. This book had it all.

I really loved the characters in this book. The twins Mandy and Ned. Their loyalty to each other is heart felt. We have the Duke who stepped right up to help. The family friend Skip who believed without a doubt in both the twins. And Chauncy, he is such a great man.

Mandy needs to find a way to help her brother. Can she trust the Duke? Will the Duke be able to help the twins but most of all can he hold back the feelings he has for Mandy?

Oh yes.. my fellow book addicts you need to read this one 🙂 it is juicy!

My Rating: 5 Romanticals rating5


(Review) Lady X – By Claudy Conn

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Wow…. This book has it all! Time travel, Paranormal, and historical. I mixture of all my favorite genres.

There is humor, mystery, suspense, action and lots of sweet passion.

We get witches, warlocks, and wizards. The characters are unforgettable and so loveable.

I really loved the whole idea of this book.

I wish time travel was possible LOL Claudy always has me sighing and imagining when I read her books.

Hunter was a handsome man with some secrets. He is bent on revenge.

X a beautiful young witch about to come into her powers. She was sent back in time.

Can X survive during a different time period without using her magic? Can Hunter still seek his revenge now that he has met X? Well you guys need to go pick up a copy because I tell you this book is a must read!

I love books about witches. Add in Claudy’s magic touch and her amazing imagination it really just makes for a masterful read…

My Rating: 5 Romanticals rating5