Cover Artist and Swag Designer

I review books but I also design covers for authors, banners and promotional graphics as well as make swag/gifts. If you are interested in my services I can be contacted via Facebook or Email.

My Cover Design Page:

Here are some of the covers I have made


FINALTaming Lacey Cover






My Swag Design Page:

Here are some of the Swag/Gifts I have made:


Crochet Necklace Crochet NecklaceCrochet Necklace W/BookCover Charm1266136_529755570427636_1932885075_o 1377332_532847330118460_1603002070_n 1618489_597658243637368_2012385833_n 1920100_597658260304033_326224857_n 1621842_597658273637365_1958519365_n 1527053_576019375801255_1720559025_n 1505259_682974465093433_1238703043_n 1932376_615955941807598_831679289_n 1186182_526154694121057_834032175_n 10155070_620443084692217_2029076259942288385_n 1978913_620442318025627_99243240982062672_n




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