ARC Review: Victoria Dahl – Real Men Will

Donovan Brewery Series:

Book 3:
Real Men Will: Eric Donovan and Beth Cantrell
Releases – October 25th 2011
Stop, Warning! If you have not read Victoria Dahl’s novella “Just One Taste”  in “The Guy Next Door” (authors: Lori Foster, Susan Donovan and Victoria Dahl) please stop now and go back and read it. It’s the “prequel” to this story and without having read that story you may not get some of this story. But don’t worry I really enjoyed “Just One Taste” so it is no hardship to read and plenty steamy.
Eric had to take on the responsibility of raising his two teenage siblings and run the family brewery business at the age of 24. Always the serious responsible one just for one night he wants to let that all go and be free of his name and all the responsibilities that come with it. Beth is a fraud; she is the manager of the Wild Orchid, Boulders premier erotic shop that caters to women. She loves her job, but feels guilty that most of what she preaches and teaches she doesn’t follow herself.  Anytime she is with a man she can’t let go, until a chance meeting with “Jaime” at a business expo. For one night she is going to forget everything and let go and just enjoy the one night “Jaime” has to offer. Eric knows this is one night and knows as Eric he can’t be what he wants to be so when the beautiful Beth assumes he’s Jaime his younger, more carefree brother he doesn’t correct her. Knowing if she ever found out all hell will break loose, but really how will she ever find out? Months later a party brings Beth to the Donovan brewery, months of thinking about “Jaime”, and remembering the one night she was free. Now, not is all that it seems, people keep referring to the young cute bartender as Jaime, but she knows that’s not Jaime, or does she??
I absolutely ADORE this book! It is now one of my new favorites. I’m telling you, it’s the quite ones you have to worry about! Who knew Eric had it in him, I sure didn’t. As this is the third in the series you come to know Eric only as the uptight always says “Hell No” brother.  In this book, you get to see an entirely different side to him, one I like. A lot gets better explained in this book as to why Eric has been the way he is. Now on to Beth, who I adore! I was totally relating to Beth, I always said that if I had plenty of money and wanted to open a fun business it would be an erotica shop that catered to woman. So I was totally into that part of the book.  There was just so much about Beth that I related too; she is definitely one of my favorite book heroines.  Jaime and Eric finally kind of come to a truce, Tessa is still cute as a button and sassy as hell. I laughed a lot in this book; I cried in a couple of parts it and was plenty steamy. You get the full spectrum of emotions which is more then you can expect. I highly recommend this book and this series. In fact I’ll be checking out more from Victoria Dahl, I think she will become one of my favorite Contemporary Romance Novelists.
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