(Review) Stand & Deliver Your Love by Killarney Sheffield

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Mistress Sarah was once a woman of promise, until a greedy relative left her to fend for herself on the cold, hard streets of London. Now she does the only thing she can to survive and care for those she has sworn to protect.
Lord Byron Cobbett has given up on life after the death of his beloved fiancee. On a trip to London to clear his family’s name he tangles with disaster.
Sarah gets more than she bargains for when she unwittingly rescues Byron. She must find a way to convince him to keep her secret. Can she allow herself to love him and still keep her promise? Will Byron stand and deliver his love to the auburn haired bandit and risk his own freedom?

The twists to this plot provide more than just the expected romance traits, giving a deeper level of complexity and drama to a risky relationship. Killarney tells a gripping tale. Rosalie Skinner, author of The Chronicles of Caleath series.

My Review:
This book was my first read by Killarney’s but I will tell you now that I am done with it that it will be my first of many of hers.

After reading the description of the book I was totally intrigued so I had to read it. I am so glad I did.

This book was very well written and the story flowed. I thought the whole idea of this book was unique. Yes you have a love story but it is different from any I have read before. I wanted to read fast to see what would happen next but I was also sad because I knew each page I turned would bring me closer to the end. I really love historical romance genre LOL

I thought Killarney did a great job with Sarah and Byron’s characters.

Sarah is a lively, loyal with a bit of wildness to her but she is also some what shy and innocent. The passion between Byron and Sarah was explosive at times but yet he was so tender with her. Killarney brings you back in time with this passionate tale of life and love.

I was easily engrossed in this wonderful tale. Killarney gives her readers details and descriptions that allow you to picture everything in your mind. I was sighing in delight 🙂 Totally Loved the unexpected ending!!!!

I have to say that I read a lot of historical romance books and I have noticed that with this particular genre that it is either hit or miss. Killarney different delivered with this one… I am looking forward to reading her next book.

My Rating: 5 Romanticals


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(Review) Memories of Murder By Lara Nance

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When Maeve McKenna renounces her witch powers and accepts a low-key nurse practitioner position at a Virginia retirement community, the last thing she expects is a suicide her first day on the job. As the town’s sexy sheriff, Paul Sutton, starts looking into the tragic death of his father’s friend, Maeve can’t help but get involved–with both the case and him.

Their informal investigation unveils an old journal that connects the ruins of a nearby asylum and long-forgotten cemetery with the shiny new retirement community’s memory unit–and Maeve’s Alzheimer’s patients. Maeve senses a sinister presence in the old asylum, calling to the patients, but in order to stop it from killing again, she must first conquer some demons of her own and reclaim the magic she’s denied herself.

My Review:
This book pulls you in from the first page. Right from the start you want to keep reading to see what happens next.

This book had a lot of mystery, suspense, horror, paranormal and a bit of romance.

Maeve a pretty red head who has a special hidden talent and a traumatic past wants to start over so she moves to a small town to start fresh. But right from the start she realizes something isn’t right.

Paul a handsome small town boy who became a green beret is pretty much forced back home when he finds out his father has become ill. He takes over the job as sheriff.

Maeve and Paul meet her first day in town when something terrible happens. Can they work together to solve the mystery? Will the secrets Maeve is hiding prevent that?

I enjoyed the characters of the mother and aunts. They brought fun and laughter to brighten up the book. The reading of the journal really made the story pop.

The ending wasn’t what I expected. There were a few unexpected things that happened.

All in all this was a pretty good book. I have a few issues with it though. Like for instance, I do not understand Maeve’s reaction to what happened in her past. I understand she didn’t want to use her talent to kill but in self defense it should have been okay.
I think that if Lara gave us a little bit more background into what happened with Maeve before she came to Rolling Gap that I might of understood her situation more. Also I do not know if it was just my copy of the book or not but there were names missing. Other than that I think it was overall a good book.

My Rating: 4 Romanticals