Review- Never Had A Dream Come True By Jennifer Wenn



Buy Link: Never Had a Dream Come True (The Royal Family)

Rating: 5 Romanticals

This is the second book that I have read of Jennifer’s. When I heard she had a new release I excitedly went right away to buy it.

I love Jennifer’s writing style. She focuses on family and love.

Penny is a lovely beautiful young lady but she is the younger sister of a beauty and most people do not even see her. They are too busy fussing over her sister. Her sister gets all the attention including her family’s attention. Everything was always about her sister.
Penny wants to find a true love match for herself. She has had a crush on her best friends uncle since she was a little girl. But he is known as a playboy. She finally realizes that longing for him could be nothing but trouble.

Will she be able to get Rake out of her mind?

Rake a handsome playboy finally notices that his niece’s best friend is all grown up. She has become a beautiful stunning woman. She makes him feel things he has never felt before.

Will Rake be able to make Penny see that they are meant for one another?

Half way through this book I was blown away by a major twist that Jennifer threw in… I never expected it 🙂

This was an emotional roller coaster for me. I felt so many emotions. I could relate to everything Penny went through and I felt for her. I think a lot of women will be able to relate to Penny.

This book was tenderly written. A sweet and intensely emotional love story you will not forget.

I hope we get a book for Penny’s older sister 🙂
If you are interested in reading Jennifer’s 1st book here is the link:
A Family Affair

Jennifer Wenn can be found here:


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