Review- Through Time Complusion By Claudy Conn

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Okay I am going to try to explain and express how awesome this book was. I was so happy to hear that we would be getting more of Frankie and Grealy’s story.

I am totally in love with this couple and this world. I am in awe every time I read another book in this series. I can’t get enough of it and I never want them to end.

In this book Frankie and The Dark Prince Grealy’s story continues. A few years has past since the last book. Everything seems to be calm but they are unaware that evil is brewing. Will Frankie’s and Grealys love survive this battle too?

We get to see Bray in this book too and he has grown into a young man. I adore him. I can’t wait to read his story!!!!

The ending was…. Well it was INCREDIBLE!!!! I can not review much about it because I do not want to spoil it for anyone but WOW talking about twists and unexpected turns. LOVE LOVE LOVE this book with a Passion!!!

RATING: 5 Romanticals


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