Reviews for Claudy Conn’s Legend Series

I have to say through the years I have read a lot of books, some I remember vividly and some I don’t. Claudy writes the type of books that you will remember. The type of books you can read more than once. The type of books you want to read more than once because you know each time you do you will get a different experience from them, loving it more and more each time. This series belongs on my list of keepers.

Spellbound (Legend #1)

Amazon Buy Link: Spellbound-Legend (Legend series)

Summary from Goodreads:
Maxine Reigate discovers she is a Druid Priestess and as such is expected to help the Seelie Fae keep the Dark and monstrous Unseelie Fae behind their Prison Wall.

The partners with her in this effort, are two very different and absolutely mesmerizing males. One is a Prince of the Fae, and the other–a High Druid Priest just revived after a two hundred year coma.
She travels to Scotland to stay at a warded castle belonging to the Druid, Julian MacTalbot.

During this time, an obsessed and blood-drinking beautiful, evil and ancient woman decides she wants Maxie dead, and has the magical powers to achieve her goal. As Maxie’s own magical mana develops, so does her love for one of her partners, and the question remains, will the one she chooses–choose her back?

My Review:
Very well written as are all of Claudy’s books. That is always a constant as well as a unique and superb story that she brings every time.

This magical tale starts off with a back story of the Fae so you do not feel lost at all.

Beautiful castles as a backdrop. Vivid details. After being introduced to Prince Breslin in a few other of Claudy’s books I had wanted to read more about him and we get more of him in this book YAY!

Julian Talbot is a powerful Druid Priest who suffered a great loss.

Maxie is a Druid Priestess. She gets premonitions/visions. After the sudden loss of her parents Maxie sets out to find out about herself.

Can Julian and Maxie work together with Prince Breslin to stop the evil that is coming? Can they get over their loss and find happiness?

You will have to read on to find out more 🙂

This story is a perfect start to the Legend Series and the ending was great! Amazing set up for the next book.

Shee Willow (Legend #2)


Summary from Goodreads:
Willow Lang has been a loner all her young life. She is an artist working in a famous museum in New York City, restoring classic canvas paintings.

Is it magic that put Shayne Bantry in her way? Is it magic that took her to Ireland and opened her eyes to a world she never wanted to be a part of? Is it the handsome gypsy that will steal her heart, or is it her mysterious boss?

My Review:
This book starts off with a brief recollection of the first book in the series helping you refresh. (I love how Claudy does that)

We are given Willow’s back story as well and a little bit of the Tuatha De’ (The Fae) history.

Claudy does an amazing job explaining the history and back story so you never feel lost. Her details are very vivid. Its all very well written and you lose yourself in the story.

Claudy writes in a way that makes you forget you are reading a book. You feel transported into her magical world from the very first page.

I really enjoyed how Claudy added side stories for Prince Breslin and his sister. I think its great that we get a little of the Prince in each book.

Add in Shane’s and Willow’s story and you get a magnificent book that you will not want to end.

Trapped (Legend #3)

Amazon Buy Link: Trapped-Legend (Legend series)

Summary from Goodreads:
BJ is a Fios (Seer) which means she can see the Fae-dark or light, through their Glamor and their invisibility. The war between the two forces of Fae has heated up and BJ is being drawn into the fray.

There is a 17th century hunk who wants to help-but he is trapped. There is a murderer helping the Dark Fae who desperately wants BJ dead, and a Prince of Fae–Danté who is on the spot willing to keep her close. BJ has reasons to distrust everyone…and she does.

My Review:
This book starts off with a recap of the previous helping you to refresh. I have been lucky enough to read this series one book after the next 🙂

Seriously talking about an amazing story line.. I love it! The queens prince’s are total trouble! I am LOVING IT! They know they are all that LOL

Ireland backdrop, lots of vivid details bringing you into this world with ease.

BJ and Brian’s story made me cry my eyes out, laugh out loud so many times. Add in Dare and Dante into the mix and you get an epic story with lots of emotion. Claudy’s writing pulls emotion out of me.

3 Books into the series and it keeps getting better and better… Absolutely magical and mesmerizing…

Free Falling (Legend #4)

Amazon Buy Link: (Free) Free Falling-Legend

Summary from Goodreads:
They call her Z and she is a handful ready to explode. She has entered the war

against Gais and the Dark Fae and means to take him on all by herself. She is driven.

Aaibhe, Queen of the Seelie has other plans, and she sends in Prince Danté to execute and preserve her wishes.

Z and the prince meet and hackles go up on both sides. Oooh…no, they don’t like each other one bit.

They bang heads at every turn, and those turns become a whirlwind of emotions and feisty Z, well, her attitude is ‘bring it.’

My Review:
The beginning starts off with a brief description about the background into the Legend world. I really love how she does this.

Absolutely amazing! We are introduced to more interesting characters in this book. We go deeper into the Legend world in this book. We get lots of action, suspense, and erotic love scenes with scorching passion.

I was whopping and pumping my fist in the air… Z and Dante were hilarious with their bantering back n forth. They had so much chemistry between them causing some explosive passion that was hot hot hot!

Loved the Scotland and Ireland backdrops its so magical making the story more believable. Even the enemies are fascinatingly gruesome creatures.

Oh My Gosh, Dante is amazing! I fell in love with him right away. He melted my heart with the things he did in this book. (Don’t want to put in spoils)

But really like OMG the ending was WOW!

Catch & Hold (Legend #5)

Amazon Buy Link: Catch & Hold-Legend (Legend series)

Summary from Goodreads:
Radzia MacDaun’s mission of vengeance has turned into a rescue operation… but will she need to be rescued, too?

When Gaiscioch killed her father, Radzia—Z to her friends—vowed to take the Seelie traitor down as painfully as possible. Plans for revenge were put on hold, however, when Gaiscioch abducted her housekeeper and friend, and Z had no choice but to dive into the pit to save her.

Now, in the heart-stopping conclusion to the Legend series, the half-human/half-Daoine Fae finds herself in the Dark Realm, where she’ll have to fight Gaiscioch on his own turf. Danté, Prince of the Tuatha Dé and Z’s lover, is not about to let her face this danger alone, however, and the two of them are thrust on a ride that takes them to the edge of life as we know it…

Will they survive? Will the Fae Realm survive? Damn, will any of us survive?

My Review:
Of course my lovely Claudy Conn starts us off with a great recap of the previous book since this book continues on with Z and Dante’s story. I am so glad too because there was just too much to make only one book for them.

Personally I would love to see this series as a TV series. That would be so great! Its like True Blood meets Underworld meets Charmed…

This new book we are introduced to new fascinating characters as well. Z and Dante’s relationship is even stronger in this book they go through a lot and major things happen to test their love.

Each book in this series is different and fresh. The fight is getting harder with the evil that is coming. The good guys are trying to prevent the war from happening. The dark unseelie who are being led by the traitor Gais. Gais is about to strike can they all get together to stop them?

Z and Dante have to recruit more help and this help will be from an enemy from a long time ago. To top it all off we get erotic love scenes with so much passion that heat you up.

In this book you realize that Claudy books are all some what intertwined. Amazing! Claudy throws in an amazing twist at the end!

Now this is where we start the Time Series. I am giving you a review of the 1st book for now. I am on the 2nd one right now.

Through Time-Pursuit (Through Time #1)

Amazon Buy Link:(FREE) Through Time-Pursuit

Summary from Goodreads:
Milesian immortal Chancemont LeBlanc is determined to avenge his sister’s death at the hands of Dark Prince Pestale, who remains free after the war between the Seelie Fae and the Dark Fae. Nothing will stop Chance from fulfilling his mission of vengeance, not even the time barrier.

The queen of the Seelie Fae has other ideas, however, and she sends Princess Royce to make sure Pestale is captured, not killed. Royce would rather spend time with the human family she has grown to love, but she has broken the rules one time too many, and Queen Aaibhe wants her to grow up and act like the Seelie royal she is!

Royce doesn’t want to be part of Chance’s team. He most definitely doesn’t want her on his team, and from the start—fireworks.
Chance has Pestale on the run, but after seeing the beautiful princess with the flaming red hair, Pestale has decided Royce must be his.
A hunter becomes the hunted … Purposes collide …

My Review:
This book starts off with a recap of the previous book. In the previous book we meet Chance. He is a milesian. I totally fell in love with him when he showed up dressed in leather fighting with swords. Very HOT!

Royce is a princess who favors humans. She interferes with a human even though she wasn’t supposed to. The queen decides to team her up with Trevor and Chance to help them find Pestale.

Chance has been through a lot and wants revenge. He teams up with Royce and Trevor to try to get that revenge. Will they succeed?

This book is sizzling smoking hot hot hot… There is plenty of action both in and out of the bedroom LOL

Pestale is becoming very strong and they have to stop him before he does more damage.

These books are incredible. They story line is fascinating. I really love how she intertwines the characters through each book/series.

The ending was magnificent!!!! Gosh I want to say more but I do not want to spoil it for anyone LOL

Claudy Conn can be found here:

All of Claudy’s books can be found at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, itunes, ARe, and Smashwords.


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