Reviews-Dragon Heat Book #1 & Vampire Thirst Book #2 (The Dragon Heat Series) by Ella J. Phoenix


Dragon Heat (Book 1 in The Dragon Heat Series)
Rating: 5 Romanticals

I have to say that Ella has defiantly won me over. Ella will be on my auto buy list from now on.

Dragon Heat started out with a bang. I really love how we get the back story in the beginning for Zoricah and Tardieh. There is a glossary of terms to help at the beginning of this book. Ella does a great job of giving explanations as the book goes on so you aren’t left questioning what? and when?

Its very well written and the pace flows perfectly keeping my attention the whole time.  I loved this book because of the dragons. What a treat! I haven’t found many books with fascinating dragon’s in them so this one was great..

Zoricah is a demi-goddess and she is also a bad ass dragon with beautiful dark golden wings, she can shoot fire whips!! Hello.. how cool is that? Totally loved it 🙂

Tardieh is a handsome vampire king. They met 200 years ago when Zoricah saved Tardieh before he was king. When they cross paths again they have to find a way to work together. Will they be able to overcome everything and find happiness?  Well you will not want to stop reading to find out, I can promise you that 🙂 Their chemistry is off the charts. The sex scenes are erotic and sexy with lots of passion and emotion.

In this dark, magical and oh so sexy tale we are introduced to many intriguing characters that play big roles in the story. You will want to read more about each of them. The mix of all the extraordinary characters added to the story’s allure. I can’t wait to read more about Zoricah’s team of warriors and Tardieh’s team of warriors.

Oh boy! The ending was amazing.. It sets you up for the next book so you will be wanting to read it right away, so make sure to buy it!

Favorite Quotes
“He surprised her once more. His nose flared as if taking in a divine fragrance. His eyes went wild. An eerie red glow cloaked them for a split second: then his lips crashed against hers with unexpected passion”

Buy Link: Dragon Heat [Book 1]


Vampire Thirst (Book #2 in The Dragon Heat Series)
5 Romanticals

After devouring the first book (Dragon Heat) I was so excited to read this one. I consider myself lucky that I got to read book 1 &2 together. I was hooked and needed more of the magical and oh so sexy world Ella has created.

This book starts off giving us a recap of book #1 and we also get a glossary of terms at the beginning.

After the sizzling chemistry between Sam and Hikuro that was heating up my Kindle, I was dying to read about them. The way he acted at the end of book one had me wanting more.

Sam is a female warrior on Zoricah’s team. She is a powerful human with amazing powers. She has no idea how she got her powers and for her to control them she needs to find out where they came from.

Hikuro is a ninja vampire warrior. A badass samurai vampire.  He is one of the vampire king’s closest friends.

Sam and Hikuro meet in Book 1- Dragon Heat. Right away there is a burning connection that neither of them truly understands. Can they work together? Will Sam push him away? You have to read to find out!

In this dark, sexy and delicious book there yummy vampires, fascinating dragons, a really cool panther, and a mysterious shifter, mix in a few slimy razbians and we get a unique series with lots of mystery, action, and intense emotion with smoking hot sex. That is what I call my kind of book! 🙂

Exciting with lots of twists and turns bringing us more into Ella’s magical world. The ending was amazing! Ella’s story telling is superb and I can’t wait for Yara’s story.

Favorite Quotes:

“Life is so not a straight line, Sam thought as she felt the first signs of the teleporting free-fall envelop her. Life is more like a sequence of cycles. Childhood is one, teenage years another. You start green, thinking you are still in the last cycle; then things change, you crash, you cry, then you learn from that and you’re ready to move on to the next phase. And if you’re good to yourself, happiness will be sprinkled along the way.”

Buy Link: Vampire Thirst (Book 2 of the Dragon Heat series)

You can find Ella J. Pheonix here:


One thought on “Reviews-Dragon Heat Book #1 & Vampire Thirst Book #2 (The Dragon Heat Series) by Ella J. Phoenix

  1. Those are great reviews and absolutely agree. I have read all the three books by Ella J Phoenix; Dragon Heat, Manatake and Vampire Thirst and I have to say I am a big fan. Her writing and so precise as far as words and expressions, contemporary and absolutely creative, I love them all.

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