Review- Twisted (Dark Protectors) By Rebecca Zanetti


Rebecca’s writing is top notch and she proves it again and again. This novella was very well written. Everything blended together perfectly. Rebecca’s books will always be on my auto buy list.

This series has progressed so much. This novella is packed with all the perfect ingredients that make up an epic, one of a kind series.

I love the way I feel, body and mind when I read her books. I can’t even count how many times I say “WoW” and “oh my” while fanning myself!! haha 😉

Maggie is a wolf shifter with no memory of her past. She has been living and training with the vampires for the last 10 years and still her memories haven’t return. She meets Terrent. He makes her burn and feel things she doesn’t ever remember feeling. Is it possible that he was going to be her mate?

Terrent is a bad ass wolf shifter working for the Bane’s council. At war and hunting were wolves he hasn’t had time to make Maggie his. But now that he has her back he doesn’t plan on letting her go. Will Maggie remember him?

Maggie and Terrent burn it up!! This novella packs tons of sizzling heat.. I loved the dialogue between them. They are intriguing and oh so loveable! The raw passion and need is explosive.. The sex scenes were erotic and very classy.

I normally do not look forward to reading fight scenes but in Rebecca’s books I do. I love them. They entertain you. They are vivid and always play out in my head as if I was watching a movie. The fight scene in this novella was badass! The cheerleaders kickass 🙂

The end was Freaking Fantastic!!!! I was whooping and pumping my fist in the air!! It was emotionally powerful..

LOVED IT! If I could I would be giving it 10 Stars!

5 Romanticals

Buy Link: Twisted (Dark Protectors)


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