Review: Rogues, Rakes, & Jewels By Claudy Conn


Rating: 5 Romanticals

Let me try to say something about this book that I haven’t already said about all of the other books Claudy has. She is so consistent in delivering hits.

First I just gotta say I adore Claudy’s book titles. They are very catchy 🙂

Her regency romance’s are superb. She belongs at the top in this genre.

In Rogues, Rakes, and Jewels we get a unique story line. I laughed to myself and then thought “How does Claudy come up with all of these ideas?” This story was sexy and fun.

Ryker of Lyndhurst is a handsome lord. He doesn’t want his mother interfering and trying to set him up with someone. He believes he is not ready to get married. So Ryker and his cousin decide to pull a sly joke on the Henshaw family. But once Ryker gets to the Henshaw’s he quickly realizes that he made the wrong decision and now he is stuck with Jewels believing he is someone else.

Jewels is a beautiful blonde, green eyed beauty. She has a lot of responsibility since her parents died. When the Lord Of Lyndhurst and his cousin visit she starts to feel things she has never felt before. She is afraid if she opens up to Ryker he find out her secrets and leave her.

I was hooked from the very beginning. I couldn’t wait to see what would happen next. I loved the family bond Jewel’s and her brother Jimmy had. Jimmy was such a great brother. I would love to read about Lizzie and Ben’s relationship. Claudy always gives her secondary characters enough room to shine making them fun to read about.

Favorite sentences “Spoiler Alert”

“Could I look into those bright green eyes of yours and not know the woman I love…?”

“Jewels saw him, standing like the knight in shining armor she had always dreamt would come for her. He filled the doorway, faith, she thought, he filled the room! He was a mountain of volcanic fury”

Rating: 5 Romanticals
Sexual Heat Rating: 4 Kisses
Cover: Is awesome and hit’s the story perfectly
Characters: Awesome! I loved them all
Story line: Sexy and fun
Will I continue to read more from this author: Always and Forever!

Buy Link: Rogues, Rakes & Jewels



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