Under the Covers (Maverick Montana Series) By Rebecca Zanetti



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5 Romanticals

Now that was my kind of book.. Rebecca writes the most intensely masculine hero’s

This is the 2nd book in The Maverick Montana Series. In the first book we meet both Quinn and Juliet and you can tell there is chemistry between them. Right away I was interested in their story. Rebecca hooked me on this series within the very first page.

This series is fun and sexy and really, what woman wouldn’t want to read about cowboys with family values that are also bad boys too 🙂 Her hero’s have all the best qualities.

Quinn is the handsome sheriff and he is also a rancher. He is very close to his family. He can’t help but feel a connection to Juliet. Wanting to do something about it, he comes up with an idea to get her to go out with him. He knows she is hiding something though. Can he get her to open up?

Juliet owns an art gallery. She is hiding out and trying to live her life at the same time. Seeing Quinn is making things complicated. She is falling for him. Should she open up to him?

Lots of lust, passion and scorching sex scenes. Rebecca’s characters are engaging.

There are lots of laughs in this book too. Little Leila cracks me up with her love for shoes. She is so smart for her age. The things she says are too cute.

I was truly an awe at the end when everyone got together and stood with Juliet.

Favorite sentence, “Today the sheriff wore dark jeans and a long sleeve T-shirt that hugged his fine muscles like it was made of horny female cotton.”

Rating: 5 Smoking Stars
Cover: Sexy.. Fits the story perfectly
Characters: Unforgettable and so very lovable
Story line: Addicting. I am hooked!
Will I continue reading books by this author: Oh Yes!! No doubt about it


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