Myriah Fire By Claudy Conn


Buy Link: Myriah Fire

5 Romanticals

I really love Claudy’s historical books. They are by far my favorite in the genre.

This light hearten tale of love and romance was a very pleasurable read for me.

Claudy’s characters are always so fun and unforgettable. Myriah and Kit are a great couple to read about. Oh and Billy, he just cracked me up hahaha… I loved the banter between Myriah and Billy.

The passion, mystery and suspense kept me on the edge of my seat giving me thrills. The guessing and not knowing was exciting. The ending was superb!!

This book is defiantly a keeper.

Rating: 5 Romanticals
Sexual Heat Rating: 4 Kisses
Cover: Sexy.. Fits the story perfectly
Characters: Unforgettable and so very lovable
Story line: Addicting with a flowing pace
Will I continue reading books by this author: Oh Yes!! No doubt about it






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