We’re feeling famous! Book covers with Let’s Get Romanticals quotes

We are honored to have our quotes on these incredible covers. 2 of my all time favorite authors~ I am jumping up and down with excitement 🙂 Unbelievable… Someone pinch me 🙂

Quote: “My go to author for hot romance, fast action, and magical adventures!”

Buy Link: Blood Prophecy (Sons of Navarus #4) (Volume 4)


Quote: “Gabrielle Bisset delivers scorching passion in this collection of deliciously sinful tales of seduction. The Trilogy gives readers everything they want and more!”

Buy Link: The Victorian Erotic Romance Trilogy


Quote: “Captivating and magical… a phenomenal tale of Beserker warriors and epic Love!”

Buy Link: Unwanted (Heroes of the Highlands) (The MacLauchlans #3)

UNWANTED - Cover (for Amazon and Smashwords)

Buy Link: Redeemed (Heroes of the Highlands) (The MacKays #2)




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