ARC Review: Molly Harper – A Witch’s Handbook of Kisses and Curses

Half Moon Hollow Series:

Book 3:

A Witch’s Handbook of Kisses and Curses: Nola Leary and Jed Trudeau


A Witch's Handbook of Kisses and Curses (Half Moon Hollow, #2)


Expected publication: May 28th 2013

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Nola Leary would have been content to stay in Kilcairy, Ireland, healing villagers at her family’s clinic with a mix of magic and modern medicine. But a series of ill-timed omens and a deathbed promise to her grandmother have sent her on a quest to Half-Moon Hollow, Kentucky, to secure her family’s magical potency for the next generation. Her supernatural task? To unearth four artifacts hidden by her grandfather before a rival magical family beats her to it.

Complication One: Her grandfather was Mr. Wainwright and the artifacts are lost somewhere in what is now Jane Jameson’s book shop.

Complication Two: her new neighbor, Jed Trudeau, who keeps turning up half naked at the strangest times, a distraction Nola doesn’t need. And teaming up with a real-life Adonis is as dangerous as it sounds, especially when he’s got the face of an angel and the abs of a washboard—can Nola complete her mission before falling completely under his spell?



I freak’n adore Molly Harper! She is on my auto-buy list for a reason. I count on Molly Harper to make me laugh every time I pick up one of her books not a fail. This is the reason I read Molly Harper! With this book I got exactly what I expected, a fun, light humorous book that I didn’t want to put down.

The Half Moon Hollow crew is back in this book in their supporting roles. You can count on Jane and crew to make you laugh, in this book we have newcomer to the crew Nola. She is on a task to find her families artifacts, if she fails, her entire family may lose their magic. Nola, has never been a big practitioner of her own magic but that doesn’t mean that she wants her family to lose their magic, their entire village in Ireland counts on it. Back in Ireland Nola is the most practical of her family; I like that in this book she loses a bit of that out of necessity. Her task in general is a bit crazy so she has to go outside her comfort zone quite a bit to reach her goal. Back home, she has a straight laced boring boyfriend. In Half Moon Hollow she has a gorgeous neighbor that tempts her more then he ought to, especially since she has a perfectly lovely boyfriend back home, or is he? While in Half Moon Hollow, things start falling apart between her and her man. And honestly you can’t even dredge up and remorse for that, not with Jed next door! Jed, is muscled, sexy and good with power tools! Plus he is a savior of small marsupials. I mean really how can you turn that down, for boring? Lola starts asking herself that question on a regular basis.

The romance in the story is a bit slow to start, for a while I was wondering if it was going to happen at all. However, that didn’t really detract from the story for me. I don’t necessarily pick up Molly Harper for the romance, although it is a nice benefit. I pick up Molly Harper because I want to laugh uproariously and that mission was accomplished with this book. I consider that a win! While this book is light on the romance it in heavy on the laughs. So if you want to laugh, pick this one up!


*This book was provided to me through Edelweiss for an honest review. No other compensation was provided.


Rating: 4.5 Romanticals


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Blood Prophecy (Son’s of Navarus #4) By Gabrielle Bisset


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“My go to author for hot romance, fast action, and magical adventures”

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5 Romanticals
Gabrielle Bisset’s paranormal world is one of the best out there right now. She is a true story teller. This series gets better and better. Gabrielle’s world grows more fascinating as each new book comes out. A superb saga of good and evil.

I loved this book with a passion. I cried my eyes out. Gabrielle’s writing pulls the emotion right out of me. I am addicted to this series and I am already in withdrawal waiting for the next book.

Powerful emotion and intense passion fuel this book with page turning excitement. The emotion is raw, the action is packed, the pages are filled with danger keeping you on the edge of your seat.

This book has an alluring plot of power, dark romance, emotion and mystery all blending together taking you on the roller coaster ride of your life!

We meet more fascinating characters in this book bringing this series to the next level of epic…

Ramiel is a powerful vampire warrior. He sets out to help with his part in the prophecy. But he doesn’t realize the surprise he has in store for him.

These characters are unforgettable and so very special.

This series will grab you up and take your mind to places its never been before. You will not be disappointed. This book belongs on your list of keepers!

Her Mystery Duke By Natasha Blackthorne


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5 Romanticals
Whoa!!! Natasha’s writing is so captivating. This classy, very well written tale brings you back in time.

Its sexy, sensual and erotic. Natasha adds some light BDSM that makes you burn. It’s smoking hot you’ll be fanning yourself while you melt in your seat.

Natasha is like a master chef with her writing. She blends all the perfect ingredients to make a unforgettable, unique and exceptional book.

I enjoyed the characters in this book. These 2 characters had chemistry. They were complete opposites in society but that didn’t stop them. The storyline was very engaging it had me glued to my kindle.

I know I can depend on Natasha to always deliver a unique refreshing tale that has lots of passion, lust and romance.

This book is a must read, you will NOT be disappointed.

A Family Affair By Jennifer Wenn


A Family Affair

5 Romanticals!!!!!

After reading this I do have to say that Jennifer Wenn is here to stay. Her writing is heart felt. It pulls at your heart strings and captures you.

This book was very well written. It grabs your attention right away starting at page one and keeps you glued to the pages. You will not want to put it down. I really didn’t want it to end.

I truly adored everything about this book. Its adorable and oh so lovable. There was plenty of smoking hot passion and sizzling sex. This book had a perfect blend of everything you could want.

All the characters were intriguing. All of them stand out in their own ways and I am looking forward to reading more of this romantic world Jennifer has created.

Fanny, is a beauty who believes in a loving marriage and that is what she wants. She has been in love with Devlin since she was a little girl. She is smart and witty. Her heart is big and she puts family first.

Delvin, is a handsome playboy who has mixed feelings when it comes to marriage and family. Will he find find love?

I enjoyed how Jennifer really focused on the importance of family in this tale.

This amazingly romantic tale will stay will me for a long time.

This book is a must read! Loved it!

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Review: Kerrigan Byrne–Redeemed

Highland Historical (The Banshees)

Book 4:

Redeemed: Kylah MacKay and Daroch McLeod


Redeemed (The MacKay's #2)


Purchase on Amazon: Kerrigan Byrne – Redeemed (Heroes of the Highlands) (The MacKays #2)


To a Banshee, revenge is a dish best served screaming…

Kylah MacKay was brutalized and burned alive, but denied her vengeance by a cruel twist of fate. She’s drawn to the one man more damaged then her, and becomes a pawn in an ancient war that may cost her very soul. Somehow this man, who has no use for emotion or love, awakens dangerous desires she’d thought died with her.

He’s a man out of time…

Daroch McLeod is a ruthless and brilliant Druid driven by a single purpose: Retribution. Abused and tormented, he’s promised not to stop until he’s retaliated against his immortal captors. And he’s never been closer to his goal. Daroch refuses to let the beautiful, inquisitive Banshee, who haunts his every step, uncover his deadly secrets.

Can two souls searching for vengeance find redemption instead?



I pick up a Kerrigan Byrne book and I know that I am going to get a well written entertaining story. She has never, not once failed to impress me with her mad story telling skills. This installment of the Banshee series is no exception to that. This book picks up pretty close to where RELEASED left off.

Of the wronged MacKay women Kylah has the most reason for revenge: chained, used and left to burn alive Kylah feels nothing in death. She is left uncomfortably numb. She knows that she should feel something at the very least a burn for revenge but with that option gone for good she has nothing left, not even her Banshee scream. As a banshee she is drawn to strong dark emotions, one day she was out wandering and was drawn to a place of great anguish. It is there in the presence of all that pain that she is finally able to find her own pain and anger and at long last her scream. She is surprised to find that she is not alone in the cave and as it turns out it was the Druid and not the cave that she was drawn too. Never has she felt such pain in one person, not even herself. Daroch is a man of science, a Druid, possibly the last of his kind. Born thousands of years earlier he should have died with his people, but fate was not so kind. Now his one goal in life is to destroy all things Fae, and he is running out of time. When a curious, beautiful banshee shows up in his cave the last thing he wants is her distracting him or finding out what he is up to. If he finds a way to kill the Fae, that would include her…

Despite everything that was done to her Kylah has this quite innocence about her. At the time of her death she was still young and had left a fairly sheltered life and even though her innocence was stolen from her she still maintains a piece of that after death. She also has an insatiable curiosity about her, it kind of reminds you of a young child always asking the question “why?”. Only instead of being annoying she asks intelligent questions and has a quick mind. Daroch is at first annoyed that his solitude has been invaded but he quickly comes to appreciate her intelligent, curious mind. Kylah is had to not like, she is sweet and despite her beauty she is not spoiled. With little else to do, Kylah decides to throw in her lot with Daroch whether he likes it or not, so she is a bit of a stubborn wench.

Daroch has met his match, finally someone that can out stubborn him. She’s not tangible so it’s not like he can physically remove her from his presence. Daroch is dark, brooding and tortured soul; everything we have come to love in our Alpha male lead. He is freak’n sexy! All muscle, brains, magic and bad attitude! A killer combo if you ask me. Kylah is not immune to this combo either. Even though Kylah almost kills him twice in about an hour, Daroch finds himself thawing towards her. Soon he is finding himself looking forward to her company instead of dreading it and then he is left wondering how in the hell that happened. For over a century he hasn’t so much as wanted to be near another person, but this slip of a lass is getting past all of his defenses.

Together, these two are better than they are a part. In such a short period of time they become a team. Each one is strong where the other is weak, each teaching other new things about life and about death. Kylah gets Daroch to rethink some of this theories and start and living. Daroch helps Kylah find herself as a woman and to help her discover she is more than a beautiful face and that she has a brain that she can use. Little by little they help each other heal, but each has a soul deep need for revenge and it may just destroy them both…

Rating: 5 Romanticals

ARC Review: Susan Mallery – Just One Kiss

Fool’s Gold Series:

Book 11:

Just One Kiss: Patience McGraw and Justice Garrett


Just One Kiss (Fool's Gold, #11)


Publication Date: May 28, 2013

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He won’t hesitate to put his life on the line…but will he ever risk his heart?

Falling for Justice Garrett was a high point in Patience McGraw’s otherwise awkward adolescence. Even after he disappeared, Patience never forgot the boy who captured her heart. Now, he’s back in Fool’s Gold, California, and her passion for him is as strong as ever. But how can she trust that he won’t abandon her again-and her daughter, too?

When bodyguard Justice Garrett was a young man, witness protection brought him to this idyllic town and he never forgot its warmth, or the sweet beauty of his childhood friend. He’s returned to open a defense academy, and the Patience he once knew is all grown up. He can’t resist her smile, or her curves. But Justice’s past doesn’t make him husband, or father, material.

Patience and Justice think they’ll succumb to just one kiss… Then one more… Okay, just one night together. But they might learn that falling in love is beyond anyone’s control.


A tale of rekindled love! Well kind of rekindled… Well they find each other again after something like 12 years. Once upon a time a young man was in the witness protection program from his own father, for his own safety he was sent to Fool’s Gold. While in Fool’s Gold he broke all the rules and befriended a girl from his school. He’s not supposed to have any attachments but there was something about Patience that called to him and he didn’t fight their growing friendship. Patience found herself on the brink of young love when Justice up and disappeared in the middle of the night. She never forgot about her first real crush… When he steps into her salon years later all grown up and looking like sin she is happy to see her old friend, glad he is alive and well. They pick up their friendship pretty much where it left, only they aren’t kids anymore and they discover a very adult attraction.

Susan Mallery has a formula for this series and she doesn’t really break from that formula. True it is a successful formula and it produces heartwarming, light funny reads, but someday I’d like for Susan Mallery to surprise me and maybe the female will run off from the man. That surprise did not occur within this book. We get the same formula; man has some issues from his past. Woman loves him despite his baggage and just when things are about to get serious man gets scared and runs off only to come to his senses and come back. Where female promptly forgives him and all is well in Fools Gold! YAY!

With formula in place Susan Mallery creates a fun light-hearted story. Patience is easy to love as a character. She is warm and has a natural welcomness about her. She is a single mother who still has the heart to dream! I love that she has a dream and once has the means to go after her dream she goes forward full steam. She has natural dreams of failure but the presence of Justice helps her a lot. He has a calming influence on her. Justice had a brutal childhood. His father would not be winning any father of the year awards. It is because of his father that he had to enter in the witness protection program. Later he joins the Army, becomes a specialist and then a premier bodyguard. Pretty much his entire he has been adrift not putting down roots anywhere but Fool’s Gold and Patience keep tugging at him. When he decides to open a business he decides to check out Fool’s Gold and check in on Patience. Now Patience is all grown up and those feelings he kept under wraps at 18 have a chance to fully develop. The romance between Patience and Justice develops naturally aided by a previous relationship even if it was just friendship. They fall into each easily and it feels good and warm. I love when a couple (in this case not really but kinda) rekindles. It always makes me happy and this is no exception.

Overall, a solid installment in the series, not the best but a good showing, It also sets up nicely for the next three books.

Rating: 4 Romanticals

*Review copy was provided through NetGalley for an honest review.