Redeemed (The MacKays #2) by Kerrigan Byrne


Redeemed (Heroes of the Highlands) (The MacKays #2)

5 Romanticals

With each new novella Kerrigan grows as a writer. This novella is very well written. I was taken on a magical journey. This was such a romantic love story.

I always get a little worried before reading a novella because I have found in so many cases that the novellas I read feel rushed or feel like I am missing something but that is never a problem with Kerrigan’s novella’s.

This story had so much depth. It was so powerful. We get action, mystery, betrayal, pain, passion, lust, romance and smoking hot sex scenes all rolled in one.

It was amazing how Kerrigan brought the druid and the banshee together in this story. I was shocked to find out. I would of never thought that was where the story would go. She keeps expanding the wonderful magical world of berserkers, banshee’s, druids, Fae’s and so much more I just can’t get enough.

The characters are always unique and intriguing. Her hero’s are to die for.

I was wondering how Kylah would over come what happened to her, if she would ever be able to but Kerrigan really pulled this one together to make an impact on me and my heart.

Kylah and Daroch were perfect for each other. The ending was so special.

I can picture the story play out like a movie in my head because of the amazing descriptions and details she writes. This is a keeper! Loved it with a passion


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