Lady Bess By Claudy Conn


Lady Bess

5 Romanticals

I can always depend on Claudy to deliver one hell of a story. Her writing is top notch and her story telling will take you back in time with ease.

Lady Bess has it all. Mystery, suspense, action, lust, passion and romance. The combination of all these make for an explosive read.

I always fall in love with her male hero’s. They are always so yummy 🙂

John of Dunkirk has every quality you would want in a man. Loved his accent. So sexy Makes me wish he was real LOL I wanted to jump into my kindle and steal him from Bess hahaha

Bess is a smart, beautiful young lady. She is witty and very likeable. I loved how she was proper in every way but she still had a naughty side to her as well.

These characters had smoking hot chemistry. I thought the addition of Donna and Robby added to the story too. I thoroughly enjoyed the banter between the two. They had me laughing so hard!

I just wish it didn’t end so quickly but then again I have that problem with all of Claudy’s books because I get so engrossed into the world she creates I never want it to end.

Amazing read!

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