Blood Prophecy (Son’s of Navarus #4) By Gabrielle Bisset


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“My go to author for hot romance, fast action, and magical adventures”

BuyLink: Blood Prophecy (Sons of Navarus #4) (Volume 4)

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Gabrielle Bisset’s paranormal world is one of the best out there right now. She is a true story teller. This series gets better and better. Gabrielle’s world grows more fascinating as each new book comes out. A superb saga of good and evil.

I loved this book with a passion. I cried my eyes out. Gabrielle’s writing pulls the emotion right out of me. I am addicted to this series and I am already in withdrawal waiting for the next book.

Powerful emotion and intense passion fuel this book with page turning excitement. The emotion is raw, the action is packed, the pages are filled with danger keeping you on the edge of your seat.

This book has an alluring plot of power, dark romance, emotion and mystery all blending together taking you on the roller coaster ride of your life!

We meet more fascinating characters in this book bringing this series to the next level of epic…

Ramiel is a powerful vampire warrior. He sets out to help with his part in the prophecy. But he doesn’t realize the surprise he has in store for him.

These characters are unforgettable and so very special.

This series will grab you up and take your mind to places its never been before. You will not be disappointed. This book belongs on your list of keepers!


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