ShadowLife-Hybrid, Book #3 By Claudy Conn

5 Stars!!!!


Omg this series needs to be pitched to all the major TV networks…
I can’t even explain how amazing it is in words… I love how involved this book is and how we get to see in to Dracula’s world and learn about him and why he is the way he is. The story Claudy created is amazingly unique.

I think I said wow and omg over 50 times since I started haha
Not to mention the constant smile and the hand clapping and the self fanning when things heat up..

I mean come on we get the best of the best in this one. Chase is a hybrid, half vampire, half wolf.. His accent is so sexy.. Roxy is a kickass, badass immortal shapes hifter who can hold her own.

I don’t want this series to end at all. It is superb.. Claudy’s characters are unforgettable. She makes the lead characters stand out and the secondary characters shine. She always brings the characters from the previous books into it. They all blend together perfectly.

This is a MUST READ series!!!


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