ShadowHeart- Slayer, Book #2 By Claudy Conn

Shadowheart-Slayer (Shadow Vampires series)

5 Romanticals

This is the 2nd book in Claudy’s Shadow Series. In this book we get more engrossed into the vamp, Fae, magical world.

It is so well written that when reading this book it totally played out like a movie.
It felt like a combination of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Underworld. We get the best of both worlds with added extra’s.

Nikki is a fiery haired vamp slayer hell bent on revenge. Will she accomplish her revenge without losing herself in the process?

Damon is a special vampire, we meet Damon in book one. He is always so mysterious. A mystery Nikki wants to unravel.

These 2 become a team to rid the world of the gruesome vampires wanting to take over the world.

Claudy’s take on Dracula and the surrounding world is fantastic. I love her twist to the tale.

This book takes you on a fun journey, its filled with action, mystery, mayhem, magic, emotion, lust, passion and sizzling romance.

I loved it! A must read 🙂


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