Quickie Reviews/Novellas and Shorts

FoxFire by Dawn Montgomery and Ditter
4 Romanticals

This was my first book by Dawn and Ditter. I enjoyed this book and there were a few times that I was so engrossed in the story that I forgot everything else around me.
The storyline and characters were very intriguing. I really enjoyed the whole “Clue” theme with the magic and paranormal twist brought into it. This series has a lot of potential.

Alaya, a beautiful woman who is allergic to magic. She is a magic null. A knock at the door changes her life. She will soon find out just how much.

Shad, a handsome mysterious Kitsune, fox shifter who is imprisoned magically. He doesn’t know it yet but he soon finds out that not everything and everyone is who and what they seem.

When Shad and Alaya meet the magical journey begins. Shad and Alaya had an instant attraction. You could feel their passion. They fit perfectly together. The secondary characters in this book stand out making them unforgettable. You will want to read their stories.
All in all this story was great. I’m looking forward to seeing how the series progresses. There are some things I am hoping the authors expand on. I am hoping in the next book we get more of this magikal world Ditter and Dawn created together.
This book is filled with mystery, death, action, lust, passion, and sizzling sex scenes.

Weekend Lover by Melissa Blue
4 Romanticals

My first book by Melissa Blue. I thoroughly enjoyed this short story. Loved the whole idea of a one night stand turning into a weekend of lots of loving. I liked the reality of it and also the fantasy of it. The characters had chemistry and the passion was sizzling. The sex scenes were smoking hot.

This short story fulfilled my need for an escape and some quick excitement. The ending was surprising.

Down with Cupid by Melissa Blue
4 Romanticals

I was surprised to find out that there was another short that continued on with Nicole and Sebastian. I was really happy to find this out. I thought it would be over after the way the first one ended. The ending was surprising so I was excited to read more about these 2 characters and their story.

In this short story Melissa Blue gives us more depth to each character. We are given just enough background on Nicole and Sebastian to make them even more interesting and help understand who they are and why they do the things they do.

Their relationship evolved in this short story. The story flowed without rush. All in all I thoroughly enjoyed reading more of their story. I loved seeing how their relationship evolved. Melissa did a great job showing the passion and emotion in each character. It was a great read.

After The Storm by Claudy Conn
5 Romanticals

Okay wow!!! Totally adored this book with a passion. I devoured it.. I couldn’t put it down. The whole storyline was great. I enjoyed it. The mystery and suspense kept me glued to my kindle.
This book had it all. Lots of action, emotion, laughs and sizzling passion.

The characters in Claudy’s books always stand out. This book was no different.

Jenny is a precious beauty who is in grieving for her lost love. She really doesn’t understand what she is feeling when this new man shows up in her life.

Justin is a handsome man looking for marriage and when he meets Jenny he decides she is the one for him.

Justin was soo sweet. Jenny was sassy and funny. Both of them fit perfectly together. This story had everything you could possibly want.

Claudy knows how to deliver and she continues to do so with all of her amazing books. I am a die hard fan!! I just can’t get enough.

Wildfire Kiss by Claudy Conn
4 Romanticals

First off I have to say that I LOVED the Author’s note! It was really great!

Another fantastic love tale by Claudy Conn. I enjoyed this regency romance. This book was filled with details and events that often go on in society during those times. They are intriguing and I love how Claudy writes about them. She adds the special twist to them making it so much better.

Her characters are always realistic and they always standout. The secondary characters always shine as well.

In this book there was a lot going on but I found it very easy to follow along. A lot of relationships and events happening but it all flowed perfectly together easily capturing your attention to the very end.

I loved Babs character. She shined brightly through the whole book. She was sassy and her antics were too funny. Nick was just the man she needed.

This book was filled with mystery, suspense, action, emotion and oh so much passion. Everything you could possibly want. A must read!

Taffeta & Hotspur by Claudy Conn
4 Romanticals

Claudy Conn’s regency tales are always refreshing reads. You can always expect your needs fulfilled.

This one was very enjoyable. I love regency-historical romances with a paranormal twist to them.

Claudy always manages to capture the time period so well you get transported back in time. The clothes, events, details and manners always amaze me. I find it all very exciting. Its one of my all time favorite genres and that is why I enjoy Claudy’s books with a passion.

This storyline was so realistic. The mystery and suspense really keeps you turning the pages to see what happens next.

I can’t get enough of Claudy’s characters. The are unforgettable and stay with me. This story line flowed perfectly.

Taffata and Tarrant suited each other. The emotion and passion they shared makes this love story a keeper. Its a must read!

Venice Vampyr (Novella #1) By Tina Folsom
5 Romanticals

This novella was smoking and sizzling. I thought my kindle was going to melt. The storyline flowed perfectly for a novella. It wasn’t rushed at all. The details were just right.

The time period made this novella even better for me. I enjoyed how Tina brings historical and paranormal together in this novella. It made for an interesting and very fun story, one that kept me turning the pages till the very end and wanting more.

This novella was very erotic. I didn’t feel like the story was rushed. It felt new and refreshing. I really thought the pictures in between chapters added to the story. The pictures made Tina’s details pop even more.

Raphael and Isabella’s story was great! The mystery and suspense kept me guessing and engrossed in this world Tina created.

Venice Vampyr: Final Affair (Novella #2) By Tina Folsom
5 Romanticals

Wow!! So very erotic. Loved this! I find a lot of the times with Erotic romance books that the storyline is rushed and it really doesn’t deliver but not with Tina’s. Tina’s erotic romances deliver with a bang always!

This story line is great and flows so perfectly. I was caught in the story from the very first page until the last not wanting it to end.

The whole idea of Viola having a brain tumor and getting only 3 months to live making her want to fulfill her fantasy and not wanting to die a virgin was intriguing and very interesting. I really loved seeing how she went about getting what she wanted.

Dante a handsome vampyr, a play boy who loved the ladies was caught by surprise after meeting Viola.

Viola a beautiful but sick woman decides she is going to try to take what she wants before its too late for her. Well she gets that and a lot more.

Tina does an amazing job giving the characters background. She gives you enough detail. You don’t get bored reading this novella at all. I really like how with each novella you learn more and more of this vampyr world she created. This story is based in Venice Italy in the 1800’s I love the historical paranormal twist she includes. The pictures she adds gives the details in the story more for your imagination. They bring you into that world and time. Its a must read!

Venice Vampyr: Sinful Treasure (Novella #3) By Tina Folsom
5 Romanticals

Tina Folsom masters the art of erotica romance. This novella was scorching hot, burning up my kindle and my panties 🙂

Her vampyrs are to die for and the stories are so enjoyable..

I wanted to read Lorenzo’s story since first meeting him. Tina delivered with his story for sure. This novella brings us more into the Venice vampyr world Tina created. We get more detail on the Guardians of the Holy Waters. We also get introduced to more of the vampyrs. I really hope this series will continue. I love it.

I found it very refreshing that Tina wrote a character like Bianca. Bianca wasn’t all perfect. She had flaws and that is what connected me to her. Even know Lorenzo knew about her past he didn’t judge her. I really thought that was amazing. This novella was filled with so much passion and emotion. The story easily pulls you in transporting you into the Venice vampyr world. I loved the ending to this novella it was sooo very special. It is a must read for all historical paranormal lovers!


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