Netherby Halls by Claudy Conn


Netherby Halls

This enchanting tale has it all. Claudy never stops amazing me with her wonderful tales. Claudy’s books always deliver and fulfill.
It doesn’t matter what genre you prefer she has a way of combining genres that make you wow in amazement.
Especially this book. I love historical romance but when there is a paranormal twist to it, it makes it even better for me. Its one of my favorite genres for sure, the best of both worlds.

This tale has love, lust, passion, magic, suspense, mystery, mayhem and murder. This book kept me glued to my kindle from beginning to end. I just couldn’t seem to put it down.

Sassy, a somewhat naive beauty is left parent less. She is confused about what is going on inside her. She is trying to make sense of everything happening to her. Seeing the man that appears in her dreams on the street one day changes everything. Will she ever be the same?

Justin, a handsome marquis with secrets of his own sees the beauty who comes to him in his dreams. He knows right then that things have changed and he needs more of her.

When Sassy, and Justin finally meet sparks fly and they cannot deny what they feel. The mystery starts, so hold on tight because you are in for a delight!!!!

Claudy Conn gives us just the right amount of background to each character. I often find myself bored when an author goes on and on about a characters background but that never happens to me with Claudy’s characters.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book!

5 Romanticals


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