ARC Review: Olivia Cunning – Hot Ticket

The Sinners On Tour:

Book 3:

Hot Ticket: Jace Seymour and Aggie/Mistress V


Hot Ticket (Sinners on Tour, #3)


Releases on: February 5th 2013

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There are things in bassist Jace Seymour’s past that he is unwilling to share with anyone. To cover his guilt and anguish, he seeks dominatrix Mistress V (Aggie) to temporarily placate his inner turmoil. Aggie doesn’t have much use for men–besides the power rush she gets when they’re begging for mercy at her feet–but Jace isn’t like her usual clients. His cool defiance and unexpected dominance in the bedroom drives her to distraction and quickly steals her heart. When circumstances threaten Jace’s position in Sinners, Aggie must help him regain his rightful place in the band while showing him that time and love can heal all wounds.


I freak’n LOVED it! Best Sinners book yet! Jace almost had me in tears, the only thing holding me back is bc I was reading in public! LOL It’s emotional, its sexy, its funny and it features rock stars! Seriously can you beat that combo? I don’t think so!

Jace has been the most quite and elusive of the Sinners. Coming into this book we know next to nothing about Jace other than he’s into bondage from what we can tell. What we got, I never expected from the shy Jace. His past is quite simply heartbreaking, I could not remain unemotional when it came to Jace, just thinking about him brings a slight tear to the eye. He is quite possibly one of my favorite characters that I have read this year and I have read over 200 books so far in 2012. He’s so sad and lonely, he grew up knowing he wasn’t wanted. His mother dies in a car accident, and then his abusive father in a fire and was then shipped off to a group home. He has never known love and doesn’t think anyone could love or like him as he is. The only thing that Jace has had, is his music and his place in the Sinners. When something occurs that makes him unable to play his bass for several concerts the Sinners bring in Jon their former Bassist and Jace feels even more insecure than ever. He feels like his place in the band is in jeopardy, after all why would they want him, whose not a performer when they can have Jon who rocks the stage like Jace has never done. All around him he feels like his world is falling apart, the only thing tangible to him right now, is Aggie. His sweet Aggie gives him everything he ever wanted but he has a hard time accepting it. He has never felt like a woman could love him with all of his issues and his need for pain. He finds that Aggie likes to give him pain, but she is used to men that submit and submitting is something he will never truly do. A masochist he may be but a submissive he will never be, even his father couldn’t beat submission into him.

I also LOVED Aggie. She has been my favorite of the Sinner’s ladies so far, with Reagan a pretty close second. Aggie is hard, yet soft. She is a dominatrix that loves to bring men to their feet, for her there is nothing better than a submissive her specialty is making grown men cry. She meets Jace in the strip club where she works, he asks her to give him pain. Pain she can do, but its his refusal to submit and the fire in his eye grabs her attention more than inflicting pain could ever do. Aggie is so bad ass, she just bulldozes her way into Jace’s life. I get a chuckle just thinking about it. Talk about taking what she wants, she decides she wants Jace and she gets him. She knows that he has deep seeded issues, but lucky for him she doesn’t mind that. She knows with some time, patience and pain, she can help him through those issues. She showers him with love, knowing that he hasn’t had much love in his life; she knows he may never be able to return her love but she has enough for both of them. With each beating and every time she showers her love on him she gets a little more out of him, she begins to break down his wall and get through the defenses. She even manages to get the other Sinners in on some of her plans. Aggie manages to help Jace become closer to his band, without her he never would have been able to come out of himself to make the initiative.

This book is one of my favorites that I have read this year. It almost brought me to tears, the only reason I didn’t cry was because I was on an elliptical machine at the gym and I refuse to cry in public! LOL. It was incredibly emotional especially for a book in the erotica genre. Olivia Cunning knows how to weave emotion and sensuality seamlessly within a novel. The story is draws you in enough that you forget that technically this is erotica and shouldn’t be bringing you to tears. Olivia Cunning in turn will also have you laughing out loud. She has such a fun sense of humor and always injects it into her stories. I love to laugh in a novel so this is always welcome. O. Cunning has become one of my favorite authors and after reading Hot Ticket I am anxiously awaiting Snared which is Eric’s book. We get a more in depth look at Eric in this book as well and I am really looking forward to it! And then once Eric’s book is out I am going to re-read the series in order as it was meant to be. I know I warned you in Double Time but I’ll mention it again, I really suggest reading these books in order. Double Time is the last book of the series but was released third, which I am still not sure what the reasoning was on that.

*This title was provided through NetGalley for an honest review. No other compensation was provided.

Rating: 5 Romanticals

Amanda Sig Orange


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