My Favorites of 2012

My favorites of 2012!

Ok so I’m not going to do the “Best Of” but my “Favorites Of”, what’s the difference you ask? My favorites my not have received the highest ratings but they have managed to stick out in the over 200 books I’ve read this year. Something about these books stand above the others, whether it be the characters, the plot or just some extra “it” factor.

Sometimes and I hate to admit this and at the time I don’t think I realize I’m doing it, but, I’ll give an established author that may be one of my favorites a lower score because I expect more from them and am comparing the book to their other works. Also maybe a new author to me will get a higher score, because I had lower expectations of the work. Is this fair? Probably not. Am I the only one that does this, even subconsciously??

Ok, so I am not going to rank these books against each other because if you made it this far, they are all number one’s in my mind. So I am only including books that were published in 2012, even if I read them in 2011 with a 2012 release date or read them in 2012 with a 2013 release date.

What was amazing about 2012 were there were so many new authors that released some AMAZING books!

So here are my favorites!

Full Length Novels:

Leave Me Breathless – Cherrie Lynn Published: November 06, 2012

Leave Me Breathless (Ross Siblings, #3)

This was one of my favorite books all year! It’s been lingering on my mind since I read it and have been dying to re-read it. I’d have to say it’s even better then Rock Me.

Grab it on Amazon:  Cherrie Lynn – Leave Me Breathless (Leather and Lace)


When Snow Falls – Brenda Novak Published: October 23, 2012

When Snow Falls (Whiskey Creek, #2)

So this book has a few issues, mostly with the timing and pacing of the book. But for me it’s the characters that made this book. Dylan and Cheyenne wormed their way into my heart somehow. =) For next year look out for “When Summer Comes” the next book in this series. It’s a year jerker and so good! It’ll probably be on my best of 2013 list.

Grab it on Amazon: Brenda Novak – When Snow Falls (Whiskey Creek)


Beyond Shame – Kit Rocha Published: September 16, 2012

Beyond Shame (Beyond, #1)

Here is another one that had some issues but is sticking out in my memory. I loved the O’Kane clan and the world this book is set in. I am waiting impatiently for the second book in the series and my O’Kane swag to come in the mail. LOL!

Grab it on Amazon:  Kit Rocha – Beyond Shame


The Angel – Tiffany Reisz Published: September 19, 2012

The Angel (The Original Sinners, #2)

Tiffany Reisz is one of my breakout new authors of 2012. The Original Sinners Series is now one of my favorite new series! This one I follows Nora while she is “training” young Michael her Angel. I loved this book because of Michael as he found himself over the course of the summer.

Grab it on Amazon: Tiffany Reisz – The Angel (The Original Sinners)


The Siren – Tiffany Reisz Published: July 24, 2012

The Siren (The Original Sinners, #1)

This is the first in the Original Sinners series. Nora is trying to step up her writing game. She wants to work with the best editor in the business and he is sexy and a hard to please. Just like she likes them! This book takes you on twists and turns and is surprisingly emotional. I ended the book in full out tears!

Grab it on Amazon:  Tiffany Reisz – The Siren (The Original Sinners)


Summer Nights – Susan Mallery Published: June 26, 2012

Summer Nights (Fool's Gold, #8)

I am new to the Fools Gold series as o this year. This book follows Shane and Annabelle. Shane is a cowboy that breeds his horses. He is more than a little gun shy when it comes to woman. Annabelle is a cute as can be librarian. These two gravitate towards each other against their best judgment. I loved this tale and so far it’s my favorite of the Fools Gold series.

Grab it on Amazon: Susan Mallery – Summer Nights (Fool’s Gold)


Tempted by the Highland Warrior – Michelle Willingham Published: June 19, 2012

Tempted by the Highland Warrior

This is the first book I’ve read by Ms. Willingham and I loved it. Our hero is mute and could not talk for much of the book, but Ms. Willingham did an excellent job at her non-verbal communication. It brought this book to a different level. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and will be looking at Ms. Willingham’s back list of books.

Grab it on Amazon:  Michelle Willingham – Tempted by the Highland Warrior (The MacKinloch Clan)


Rescue Me – Rachel Gibson Published May 29, 2012

Rescue Me (Lovett, Texas, #3)

I LOVE LOVE Rachel Gibson! She pretty much only publishes once a year and this year it was Rescue Me following a sexy ex-Navy SEAL who is temporarily in Lovett, TX and a small Texas town girl who left Lovett, Tx and never intended to return home. These two bond together as two people who don’t really fit into the small town.

Grab it on Amazon: Rachel Gibson – Rescue Me


Bared To You – Sylvia Day Published: May 24, 2012

Bared to You (Crossfire, #1)

The first book in the Crossfire series. It follows Gideon Cross and Eva, two incredibly broken individuals who find each other and hopefully each other salvation.

Grab it on Amazon: Sylvia Day – Bared to You: A Crossfire Novel


Seven Nights in a Rogues Bed – Anna Campbell Published: January 1, 2012

Seven Nights in a Rogue's Bed (Sons of Sin, #1)

This is a historical our hero is scarred inside and out. His life has been one tragedy after another. All he has left is his revenge. Our heroine is part of his revenge that he never expected. She is the sister in law of his worst enemy. He demands seven days with Sidnonie as part of his revenge. They never counted on feeling more than revenge.

Grab it on Amazon: Anna Campbell – Seven Nights in a Rogue’s Bed (Sons of Sin)




The Weird Girls – Cecy Robson Published December 4, 2012

The Weird Girls (Weird Girls, #0.5)

This is the prequel to the Weird Girls Series by newcomer Cecy Robson. It follows four sisters who are the product of a backfired curse. They each have different and unique powers. This book is an introduction to this new world that Cecy Robson built and in this specific book explores sisterly love instead of romantic love. This was another tear jerker and had me in tears at the end!

Grab it on Amazon: Cecy Robson – The Weird Girls: A Novella (A Penguin Special from Signet Eclipse)


Unleashed (The Highland Historical Trilogy) – Kerrigan Byrne Published: December 2, 2012

This is a trilogy from newcomer Kerrigan Byrne. This series is about some sexy highland berserkers! If you haven’t picked it up already you need to asap!

Grab it on Amazon:  Kerrigan Byrne – Unleashed (The Highland Historical Trillogy)


Long Shots: Books 1-3 – Christine D’Abo Published: September 10, 2012

Long Shots: Books 1-3

This is a collection of three shorts that follow three siblings with some kinky desires! I loved these siblings; they had a way of getting to you.

Grab it on Amazon:  Christine D’Abo – Long Shots: Books 1-3: Double Shot\A Shot in the Dark\Pulled Long


Try Me – Olivia Cunning Published: June 26, 2012

Try Me (One Night with Sole Regret, #1)

This is Olivia Cunning’s new series following the band Sole Regret. This is the first book in the series and holy shit is it HOT! WOW Look out for Hot Ticket from the Sinners Series next year. I absolutely loved it and it will be on my favorites of 2013. I wish I could have put it on this list but it’s not out yet so alas it’s not included.

Grab it on Amazon: Olivia Cunning – Try Me (One Night with Sole Regret)


Angel’s Flight – Nalini Singh Published: February 28, 2012

Angels' Flight (Angels' Pawn #0.5, Angels' Judgment #1.5, Angel's Wolf #4.5, Angels' Dance #4.75)

This is a collection of novellas from Nalini Singhs Guild Hunters series which is one of my favorite series. It includes 3 previously released novellas and a new one. I love Nalini Singhs novellas she can pack a punch into few pages!

Grab it on Amazon: Nalini Singh – Angels’ Flight (Berkley Sensation)


If you want to see my paranormal picks for 2012 you can visit my other blog “Where the Night Kind Roam” The post will be active 12/31/2012.


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