Another Time, Another Place By C.B. Roberts

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This is a scene from my book Another time, Another place. (Release Date: TBA) It is the sole property of C.B. Roberts. Any use of this material without my written permission is prohibited.

Never had I seen such a beautiful woman, her skin looked too soft and too smooth to be real, her smile brighter than the full moon that hung above the clouds tonight. Though I’d seen her more times than I could count her beauty left me in a trance like state, all I could do was stare. The need to touch her was overwhelming. Her face soft in my hand, she stopped talking, realizing I’m sure that I hadn’t heard a word she said. Her eyes softened and her lips broke into a smile…. I stared into the most amazing eyes… oblivious to the waves crashing the shoreline or the clouds stirring above I stared.

I loved her, I loved her in every sense of the word, not the overused term most men use to get what they want or to keep from hurting feelings but real love, the kind you can’t explain, the kind that has so much passion and emotion behind it at times it seemed you would crack. That’s how I loved her…. The way it’s supposed to be.


Her voice brought me back from my zoned out state.

“Yes baby?”

“What are you thinking when you get like this?”

“About how much I love you baby girl, you’re everything I’ve ever wanted.”

She smiled, though I had told her I loved her several times she’d never said it back, Circumstances wouldn’t allow us to be together and her way of protecting her heart was to not talk about how she felt. I understood completely and didn’t pressure her.

“Are you okay?”

“Never been better sweetie, lets walk”

I took her hand and we started to walk. Dinner had been great and the conversation even better. One of the many things I loved about her was the fact that we had so much in common, we could talk for hours and never run out of things to talk about, we had proven that many times. We laughed easy and truly enjoyed each others company.

My biggest fear was waking up one morning and not hearing from her, the cards were stacked against us without any chance we could be anything more than we were now. I was still struggling with accepting that reality, I tried not to think about it, I tried my best to keep it pushed down but it was always there, it was coming, one day there would be no more Beth.

We had a little phrase we would say when talking about what it would be like to be together or when we talked about the lack of a chance that there could ever be an “us”………. another time, another place.

The beach was kind of desolate tonight which made it nice; it was like we were the only two souls alive. Hand in hand we walked making small talk, no subject was safe, we could talk about anything and did.

Her voice was soothing, like coming home, like a lazy Sunday afternoon and I never wanted to her to stop talking. To say I was in love with Beth was an understatement…. I worshiped her.

She stopped all of a sudden and I turned to face her.

“Hey baby?”

“Yes baby?” I smiled. I loved to hear her call me that.

“I wish things were different”

I pulled her to me, wrapping my arms around her I held her tight.

“Me too baby”

We stood there for what seemed like eternity, her head on my chest and my cheek pressed against her head, there was no need for words.

Completely lost in the moment it took a second before we realized it had started to rain, I suppose the freshness to the air and the rolling clouds mixed with the lack of people on the beach should have been a warning but I had missed it. Here I was trying to plan the perfect evening and forgot to check the weather or even notice the signs that there was rain on the way. Completely embarrassed I broke the embrace and looked towards where we had parked. She followed my gaze then started to laugh, we couldn’t even see the lights of the parking lot. We had to be at least a mile from the truck with no chance of making it without getting completely soaked. Well…I wanted it to be an evening she would never forget and thanks to Mother Nature I was sure to get my wish.

I just stood there and watched her laughing. Her clothes were clinging to her and her hair was plastered to her head, the moonlight shining on her made the rain drops on her face sparkle. Never had she looked more beautiful to me, she was an angel.

Maybe it was the rain, maybe it was the moonlight or maybe it was the irony that such a perfect evening could turn out like this but something made us look into each others eyes and everything stopped. She stepped towards me and threw her arms around me hugging me tight; standing there in the pouring rain we held each other like it was the last time.

The moonlight shimmering across the ocean and lit up the rain making it look like magic floating in the air, the waves crashed into the shore sang their song while the wind hummed a beautiful harmony.

Our bodies glued to each other we started to sway, slow dancing to the tune that Mother Nature was playing just for us.


Her breath on my neck sent a tingle up my spine, her lips close to my ear she said my name again.



“I love you baby”

Overcome with emotion I didn’t trust myself to speak so I didn’t say anything.

She looked up at me and I kissed her, not hard but soft yet full of passion, A kiss that said all the things I didn’t trust my voice to say, I told her I loved her, that I couldn’t live without her. I told her that I knew she was the only woman I could ever completely let in, that she owned my heart and I never said a word, I said it with a kiss.

“Make love to me Wyatt”

I took off my shirt and spread it on the sand sitting on my shirt I removed the rest of my clothing and watched her undress then motioned for her to straddle me. She lowered herself on me and I slipped between her folds and entered her warmth. I pulled her to me and our lips met once again, our tongues danced to a rhythm we both could feel. Though she felt great this wasn’t about the physical feeling, it wasn’t two people trying to please each other or give mind-blowing orgasms. No, this was different, this was two hearts becoming one, two lost soul’s that were meant to be together finding each other, this was about connection, this wasn’t sex this was making love in its purest form.

With my arms tight around her I told her I loved her

“I love you too, baby”

At that very moment it was over for me. Her words and the rain washed me clean, all the hurt, all the pain was gone, no one had ever cheated or let me down, no one had ever disappeared, no one had ever professed to love me when their actions proved otherwise, My heart that was once in pieces was no longer broken. The emptiness I had known for years was replaced with love…. her love. I was full, I was complete, I was whole.

There was no doubt in my mind whatsoever that I would love her for the rest of my life, when they lowered me in the ground I’d still be loving her…..she was the one and no circumstance on earth could ever change that.

I would spend my life dreaming of another time, another place.


19 thoughts on “Another Time, Another Place By C.B. Roberts

  1. really enjoyed the excerpt, sounds good. i think we are going to need tissues though. wish C.B all the best with it, love the Jimmy cover

    • Yes Julie there is so much emotion in his writing… I love it! Did you like C.B.’s page? Just so I know who is entering for the prizes 🙂

  2. I’m lucky # 72!! whoot whoot, but that may be wrong bc I may have possibly liked his page last night when I went to go look at the cover LOL!

    Oh and I’m tweeting this!

  3. I liked CB’s page, #78.
    OMG, I want them to be together so badly now! Wyatt… *sigh* he must be the cowboy on the cover, right? This is really great writing, I’d love to read more. I already want Wyatt to have everything he ever hoped for. ❤


  4. I liked CB’s page – #84 — I liked the scene, very touching! My work computer wouldn’t let me log in with FB. Karen Roberdes Wells 🙂

  5. Previously liked the page.

    This story is full of so much emotion and connects to the reader on such a personal level.

    Cb Roberts has an amazing talent to put the reader into the scene. You feel the connection between Beth and Wyatt, the love and longing to be together. You can smell the salt in the air and the rain on your face. It’s astonishing when a writer can put so much heart and soul into their work to make the reader feel like they are a part of the story.

    I will be anxiously awaiting the release of this book. I cannot wait to see this story unfold.

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