ARC Review: Kendall Ryan – Make Me Yours

Unravel Me Series:

Book 2:

Make Me Yours: Liz and Cohen

Make Me Yours



Emotionally crippled Liz isn’t looking for a relationship when she meets delish boy-next-door, Cohen. He’s a few years younger, a volunteer firefighter, oh…and a virgin, making him totally off limits. But never one to back away from a challenge, she’s drawn to him even while she continues to satisfy her physical needs elsewhere.

Even as she spends her evenings in another man’s arms, she somehow finds herself curled up in Cohen’s bed each night. It’s been a long time since she had a true honest-to-goodness make out session, but Cohen’s showing her just how much fun not having sex can be.

When Cohen’s injured, her real feelings for him rise to the surface, and she has to decide if she’s willing to take a risk on love after enduring so much heartbreak in her past.

MAKE ME YOURS is the sexy conclusion to UNRAVEL ME.


I was super stoked when I saw that Liz was going to get her own book, she was quite the scene stealer in Unravel Me. She was funny, sassy and a woman after my own heart!

Ms. Ryan did not disappoint in this book. I really enjoyed this glimpse into Liz’s life. Liz was a lot more complex than I ever imagined. In Unravel Me, Liz has a devil may care attitude; she seemed fearless and goes for what she wants. What we didn’t know is why she is this way. It seems that Liz had a heartbreak so intense it changed everything about her. She never wanted to feel again what she felt before, so she made it her life’s goal to never let another that close again. Then she meets Cohan, her super sweet neighbor who is too good to be true. She wants nothing to do with him romantically because of what that would mean but she can’t stay away from him or his hot body. She wants to corrupt him but knows that she shouldn’t, but somehow these two become unlikely “friends?” or something like friends. Than all of sudden she is feeling things she hasn’t felt in years and it is scaring the sh*t out of her. How could this innocent 21 year old gorgeous, virgin be the one that pulls on her heart after all of years she has spent blocking off her heart? You feel as Liz goes through the full spectrum of emotion. Ms. Ryan divvy’s out details little by little throughout the book that makes you truly realize the full extent behind Liz’s heartbreak and the reasons she is the way she is. It’s more then you ever thought, and it may just bring a tear to your eye. I know I misted up a little when I came to that part. Liz’s heartbreak becomes yours in that moment.

Liz takes Cohen on one hell of a ride, pobrecito. She is all over the place with him, yet somehow he is always there. Cohen seems to know Liz even better then she knows herself. He is endlessly patient with her yet at the same time he’s got a bit of alpha in him and puts the smack down when needed. He seems all sweet and innocent but he has some surprises up his sleeve. Liz takes him for a serious emotional ride, she’s hot, then cold, then hot again. Yet, Cohen keeps on keeping on. It’s like he knows before Liz even does that eventually her fear will subside. He knows he just has to hang in there and eventually he’ll get what he wants and what he wants is Liz. That doesn’t mean when she goes cold that it doesn’t hurt. Although this book is from Liz’s POV, Cohen’s hurt is still tangible. You know when he’s hurting but you also know that he’s determined.

This book takes you on the twists and turns of all human emotion; the pains but also the joys, which come with life. Although it may take a bit for them to get there Liz and Cohen end up being perfect for each other, they balance each other out. I could not put this book down and devoured it all in one sitting. Even after I finished it Liz and Cohen have been lingering in the back of my mind. I very much enjoyed their story. I also loved how the last chapter was in Cohen’s POV. To get a quick glimpse into his mind was quite enjoyable. We also get glimpses of Aiden and Ashlyn, so we get to see how they are doing after Unravel Me. I always like to catch up with past characters; it does a heart good to know they are still doing well after their story ends. I definitely recommend picking up this series for a quick, hot and steamy, and fun read!

*This title was provided to me by the author for an honest review. No other compensation was provided.

Rating: 4.5 Romanticals

Amanda Sig


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