ARC Review: Tiffany Reisz – The Prince

The Original Sinners Series:

Book 3:

The Prince: Nora, Wes, Soren, and King

The Prince (The Original Sinners, #3)

Release Date: November 20th 2012

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Keep your friends close and your enemies closer…preferably in bed. That’s always been Kingsley Edge’s strategy with his associate, the notorious New York dominatrix Nora Sutherlin. But with Nora away in Kentucky, now it’s Kingsley’s chance to take her place at the feet of the only man he’s ever wanted — Søren, Nora’s on-again, off-again lover — until a new threat from an old enemy forces him to confront his past.

Wes Railey is still the object of Nora’s tamest yet most maddening fantasies, and the one man she can’t forget. He’s young. He’s wonderful. He’s also thoroughbred royalty and she’s in “his” world now. But Nora is no simpering Southern belle, and her dream of fitting into Wesley’s world is perpetually at odds with her dear Søren’s relentlessly seductive pull.

Two worlds of wealth and passion call to her and whichever one Nora chooses, it will be the hardest decision she will ever have to make… unless someone makes it for her….


This story picks up almost immediately after The Angel leaves off. Nora is on her way to Kentucky and Soren and King have some investigating to do. In this book we get three alternating story lines. We have Nora and Wes, and Soren and King Past and Present. The book rotates through these three story lines, alternating between chapters. In a way I liked this and in a way I didn’t. I liked it because we always knew where we were in the stories, there was no confusion as to which story line we were immersed in at the beginning of each new chapter. I loved that we got to go back into the past and see how Soren and King even ended up friends and then some. King ended up intriguing me the most with glimpses into his dark past in France. What I didn’t like about it and I’m sure Ms. Reisz was being a sadist when she planned it this way, holding back, teasing us into a frenzy! Just when I was getting into the rhythm of one story line we are taken out often on a mini cliff hanger of that scene and pulled into another one, over and over again. It reminds me of a scene with Soren and King where Soren tortures King by holding back, pleasuring but not letting him come. I know you are doing this on purpose Ms. Reisz! I guess we can say you practice what you write! HAHA

In the beginning of the book “The Past” were my favorite scenes, a young King and Soren were intriguing to say the least, but later towards the middle of the book ‘The Past” story line just basically starts repeating itself a few times, but it picks back up towards the end of the book.

The Nora and Wes story line it was so tame for Nora, she goes all vanilla on us. This is a new side to Nora and I’m not sure if I truly like vanilla Nora, it feels like she had cut off a piece of herself and can’t truly be herself. I love Wes, I truly do, he is such a sweetheart and he is the type of guy that anyone would want their daughter to meet, but long term do I see Nora and Wes together… No. He can’t give Nora everything she needs, it’s just like the book she wrote in The Siren, but I don’t think Soren can give her everything she needs either. So is there a third guy out there that we might not have met that is a bit Kink and a bit Vanilla? Griffin was the closest but he’s taken and I truly love him with Mick!

Soren, I still don’t know if I like the man, damn him! But I certainly know him! You frown at him, you rail at him, you root for him, he is a complicated character that I have a love hate relationship with. That is one thing I love about Tiffany Reisz’s writing. Whether you love or hate a character you know them inside and out. Her characters feel so real and they are fully fleshed out. Her scenes are the same way. I can close my eyes and picture everything she wants us to see, but she does not write in a overly descriptive way that leaves little to the imagination. She proves just enough to give us a guide and then we can fill in the rest. I love that.

Tiffany Reisz can write a damn book! From the beginning you are forced into this world, sometimes its not even comfortable to be there but you don’t want out! You can’t get enough; you are pulled in and fascinated from the very beginning. I’ve been hooked on this series from the first few sentences of the Siren. This book ends on a cliffhanger; Ms. Reisz certainly knows how to keep us coming back for more! I know I am now waiting impatiently for The Mistress.

*I was provided a review copy through NetGalley for an honest review. No other compensation was provided.

Rating: 4 Romanticals

Amanda Sig Red


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