Deborah Gafford- You’re in Good Hands with Al Tate

You're in Good Hands with Al Tate

Rating: 5 Stars

A laugh out loud hilarious love story. I had people staring at me because I couldn’t stop laughing when reading this book. In this romantic comedy Deborah brings you passion, sexiness, and lots of humor. This book was very refreshing. I haven’t read something this light in a long time and I really needed and enjoyed it. I thought this book was extremely well written. This story flowed perfectly.
Deborah’s descriptions and details will take you inside the story with these special characters. I love how Deborah always let us know what the characters thoughts were. This is why I love reading books instead of watching movies.
There were some scenes and this book that were so funny my ribs were hurting because I was laughing so much. Deborah’s characters are so realistic.

Al Tate, is a stockbroker. He is not overly confidant in himself and I found that endearing. He is physically fit and very handsome. He is tired of the city life. He is looking forward to leaving it all behind and moving to the country. He wants to find someone he can share that with.
One day he is putting together a exercise machine outside when he was introduced to his beautiful new neighbor. He felt a connection to her right away. That day started an hilarious roller coaster ride.
I really loved how Al constantly had Susan on his mind. The things he wanted to do for her and with her was so very romantic. He is very dreamy sighh

Susan, a beautiful, small town gal moves out to the big city. She writes for a exotic magazine. She wants a life of glamor. She moves into her new apartment. She is trying to finish her writing because she is on a deadline to pass it into her boss but she can’t manage to stay concentrated on her work. Her kitchen sink is dripping and there is banging outside. She goes to check out the banging outside and that is when she noticed a hunk of a man with his shirt off. Sweat glistening off his sun kissed body stops her dead in her tracks. That is what started it all. Susan’s thoughts of Al were so funny.

Both of these main characters were oh so lovable. I truly enjoyed how Deborah always let us know what each of the characters thoughts were. I never laughed and sighed so much while reading a book. This one is a must read. You will not be disappointed.

Rating: 5 Stars
Sexual Heat Rating: 5 Smoking Hot Stars
Cover: Jimmy Thomas is on it.. enough said 🙂
Will I continue to read more from this author: Yes without a doubt. I am a fan



4 thoughts on “Deborah Gafford- You’re in Good Hands with Al Tate

  1. Dawn i really enjoyed your review. I agree Deborah really worked her magic. If your looking for something light and funny to read this is a must

  2. Thanks Dawn for the great review. I loved this book and the characters and story line were incredible. I had multiple fits of burst out loud laughing, and I definitely recommend it to anyone who hasn’t read it yet. 🙂

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