Kerrigan Byrne- UNWANTED (Highland Historical #3 Holiday Novella)

Rating: 5 Stars

I fell in love with Kerrigan’s writing while reading her first novella Unspoken. I knew right away that I found a new favorite author.

Kerrigan’s writing is amazing. This new novella is magical and enchanting. Being a holiday story made it even more special.
Like the quote says on the cover this story really is captivating and phenomenal.

Her characters are always so powerful and intriguing. She really writes unforgettable characters that you will always remember . They will forever still with me.

This story had so much passion and emotion. I felt as if I was in the story. Her details are vivid and the love scenes were smoking HOT!

Finn, a brawny handsome beserker on a mission ends up having to take a unexpected side trip that will forever change his life.

Rhona, a beautiful widow who has been through so much. She has nothing and is alone until she hears a knock at her door. She never would of expected who waited on the other side.

Kerrigan’s stories are unique and like nothing I have ever come across before.

This story had a great twist to it. I was so glad we got to read more about the characters in her first 2 novellas, it made the story even better.

This story was very well written. A total page turner you wont want to put down. It’s a must read! You will NOT be disappointed.

Rating: 5 Stars
Sexual Heat Rating: 5 Smoking HOT Stars
Cover: Is awesome and hit’s the story perfectly
Will I continue to read more from this author: Always and Forever!
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