Gabrielle Bisset- Destiny Redeemed (2nd Book in the Destined One Series)

Rating: 5 Stars

Gabrielle has done it again with this unique and magical tale of a second chance at love.
You will get wrapped up in this wonderful world. Gabrielle never disappoints. Her details are vivid bringing you into the story with the characters.
Her characters are intriguing making you want to fall in love with them.
This book was extremely well written. The story line will reel you in making a place in your heart.
The sexual chemistry between the characters was sensual and so very erotic. Gabrielle’s writing is very addicting.

I fell in love with Amon when reading Stolen Destiny (1st book in the Destined One series) I couldn’t wait to read his story. This book brings you emotion you wont want to miss out on. You will be taken on a wild ride with lots of twists.

Amon, the most powerful Aeveren, he has untold powers. He was just rescued from Nil a prison for Aeveren people. Badly injured and needing a healer his servant finds a woman to heal him. Amon is physically and emotionally damaged, He has a lot of regret over all he has done in his past life times. When he is at his weakest, he opens his eyes to see a beautiful woman standing before him and he knew things were going to be forever changed.

Athea, likes to be called Thea, is a feisty, beautiful Aeveren healer. She has lived life times without ever being blessed with a destined one. Brought against her will to heal a strange man who she soon finds out is a escaped prisoner. She realizes he needs her help so she starts to heal him.
That is what starts this sensual ride I loved so much. Thea was so strong throughout this whole book. I truly enjoyed Amon and Thea’s story.
The secondary characters in this book were unforgettable. Gabrielle writes her bad guys so well you will enjoy reading about them. I don’t think I can say enough good things about this book. It’s a must read!

Rating: 5 Stars
Cover: Sexy, fit’s the story perfectly
Title: Gabrielle always picks the best titles and names for her characters.
Overall: Excellent
Characters: Lovable
Plot: Flowed at a perfect pace
Recommend: Definitely
Will I continue to read books by this author? I will read every book this author writes!


4 thoughts on “Gabrielle Bisset- Destiny Redeemed (2nd Book in the Destined One Series)

  1. Dawn l loved your post. you did a marvellous job of telling us about it, without spoilers carry on the good work. Gabrielle Bisset books are a wonderful reads.

  2. I need to get myself into gear and read these books as well! I’ve already read the Sons of Navarus and I am waiting patiently…well as patiently as I can, for the next one in the series, Blood Prophecy”!! After reading your review, I will be getting these and reading them very soon!!! Thanks Dawn!

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