Review: Rachel Gibson – Rescue Me

Rescue Me: Vince Haven Sadie Joe Hollowell

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She’s 33, unmarried, and stuffed into a Bubble Yum pink bridesmaid dress. And the whole town wants to fix her up with anyone with a dental plan… Who’s going to rescue Sadie Hollowell now? Everyone in Lovett, Texas knows Sadie has always been a ‘notional’ kind of gal. She got a notion to leave town asap , and never visit her daddy (bless his heart). Now, she’s back and got the notion to invite a good-looking, hard-muscled, total stranger to her cousin’s wedding. Better a stranger than some of the losers she’s dated. Vince Haven got his muscles the hard way—as a Navy SEAL in Afghanistan. He’s staying in Lovett to visit his crazy aunt—the proprietor of the local Gas N Go. Before he can get the heck back out of the small town, his aunt makes him an offer he can’t refuse. Maybe he’ll stick around Lovett for a while. Maybe he’ll make a ‘go’ of the Gas N Go. Maybe he’ll rescue Sadie out of that pink dress!

What a great Rachel Gibson read! Reminiscent of Gibson books from the past we are returning to the fictional town of Lovett, Texas where Daisy’s Back in Town takes place. From the very first pages you just feel like you are wrapped in the warm arms of a Rachel Gibson novel and welcomed home. For long time fans of Rachel Gibson, you probably know what I am talking about. From go, you are laughing from Gibson’s warped sense of humor. Admittedly it’s probably not for everyone, but for those of us who get it, you’ve found an author who gets YOUR warped sense of humor that not everyone seems to get, your kindred, you, me, and Gibson. Thankfully, there are enough of us kindred out there that Gibson has found a best-selling audience so we can keep getting our fix.

Sadie Jo, I liked her from the beginning, think Delaney from Truly Madly Yours and you will have a pretty good idea of what Sadie is a lot like; the rover that had a difficult relationship with her father, but finds her way back to the small town where she grew up. I liked Sadie for several reasons; she wasn’t afraid to put herself out there (Whether with her father or Vince) even though she knew the likelihood of getting hurt was high. That takes hella guts, and I like a gutsy heroine. She’s a rover, she travelled a lot, tried a lot of different things, was willing to try something on to see if it fit, if it didn’t she put it down and moved on. She’s basically a loner, I can relate, I’m basically a loner. She plays with guns, haha, what’s not to like about a heroine that is a great shot. And she stands up for herself! Our girl is no push over. And not finally, but I don’t want to give everything away she is a “notional” girl, I’m not even quite sure, what that is, but I like the sound of it! LOL. Sadie is a character that you can really relate to and like, you’ll be rooting for her the entire book.  When she comes back to Lovett for a wedding she is expecting to be there for a weekend, top, she also never expected to rescue a smok’n hot man from the side of the road. She’s not just the type to be rescued she’ll also do some rescuing.

Vince is not the type of man that needs rescuing… EVER! A Navy SEAL, he believes in being prepared, ALWAYS, which is why he is stunned when he finds himself on the side of the road with no batteries in his cell. Vince expected to be in Lovett, a weekend, a week tops, he never expected to find himself buying the Gas and Go, or to find himself as a date to a Texas wedding. But when he owes someone he always settles up. By the end of the wedding its Sadie that ends up owing Vince and he always collects. Vince is a man’s, man to the core, a Harley riding, Truck driving, sledge hammer welding, gun toting, ex-Navy SEAL, commitment phobic, emotionally unavailable Man’s Man… And damn but is he SEXY! Even as Sadie is telling herself to stay away, it’s like a moth to a flame, but what a fin flame it. Though, Vince never expects to have as much fun as he does with Sadie, he never before liked chatter box southern girls with daddy issues, but somehow when he’s with Sadie it doesn’t seem to matter. She’s stirring things in him that are probably better left alone. Vince will take you through a bit of an emotional ringer in this book. If you read Any Man of Mine, you knew he was a fascinating character and were waiting for his story and Rachel Gibson did not disappoint with his story. I think she exceeded my expectations with his story. Vince and Sadie actually had me close to tears towards the end of this book. I so rarely close to tears in a book, so when it is, I know an author is doing their job!

The story was fun, entertaining and kept you laughing and engaged the entire way through. I flew through this book, in one day; I could barely put it down and was up late and was in line at the Starbucks the next morning. As always, Rachel Gibson writes some of the most wacky side characters in her small town settings and this book is no exception in both Vince and Sadie’s Aunts. They will crack you up with their antics. You get very very brief mentions of Autumn, Sam, Connor, Daisy, Jackson and Lily oh and even Nathan, but damn Nathan is 23 already, in Daisy’s Back in Town he was 15, where does the time go? But I digress, the book ended all too soon, I mean really, it seemed to end too soon. I don’t know if the ending seemed a bit crammed or if I just didn’t want it to end, but it seemed rushed. A lot happened and was smashed in a short period or so it seemed to me. So I would have liked to have seen that spaced out a bit more, oh and I wanted an epilogue at the end of Autumn wedding! It’s mentioned more than once in the book, so that would have been nice. But overall, this was a fantastic read that I thoroughly enjoyed. It may even go in my top 5 favorites of Rachel Gibson titles and it will be re-read actually probably in the very near future. The entire book is filled with fantastic quotes that will have you laughing out loud. One of my favorites; “A girl could do a lot worse than a lesbian with a dental plan”.”

5 Orchids

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