Review: Rachel Gibson – Crazy On You

Lovett, Texas Series:

Book 2:
Crazy On You – Tucker Matthews and Lily Darlington

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Lily Darlington’s been called crazy in her day-and, yeah, driving her car into her ex-husband’s living room probably wasn’t the smartest move ever made-but the louse deserved it. Now Lily is happily single, and she’s turned it all around. She knows she’s a good mom, a homeowner, and a businesswoman, all wrapped up in one good-looking package.
A package that police officer Tucker Matthews is dying to unwrap. This ex-military man sure doesn’t need another woman in his life. His last girlfriend left him with nothing but memories and a cat named Pinky! But living next door to Lily has been driving him nuts. He dreams about her long blonde hair and even longer legs. And maybe it’s time to go a little crazy . . . and fall in love.
This is a novella set in the town on Lovett, Texas; where Daisy’s Backin Town was set and where Rescue Me (RG’s next release) will be set. Lily is Daisy’s sister and one of the more memorable characters in Daisy’s Back in Town. If you read the book you will not forget that Lily drove her car through her Rat Bastard Ronnie’s front room. Actually that has to be one of the more memorable moment of just about any contemporary Romance I’ve ever read. LOL. So we already know we have a hella feisty heroine in Lily, but Tucker is no slouch in the hero department as well.
So this is a novella so it is pretty short, maybe a 100 ish pages. As a novella it is pretty quick paced and there isn’t a whole lot of room for full character development. So I am glad we had already met Lily, but in this novella she is a changed woman. She no longer does crazy things; she owns a successful salon, cares for her 10 year old son and lives a quite life trying to live down her crazy days. Lily knows she will always be a little bit crazy and rash in her decision making skills which is why she is wound so tight, but when Tucker arrives next door all that crazy threatens to come back and that’s really got Lily running scared even as she is running to him instead away from him like she should be doing.  I truly liked Lily but I think I liked her a bit more when she was a bit crazier, I mean we don’t need her running her car through any more houses but a little less controlled wouldn’t hurt. But Tucker does a pretty good job at starting to knock past those barriers.
Tucker, I’m still not sure I have a good handle on him. I know he is ex-military from a crappy childhood. He just wants a quite life now that he’s out of the army and that he feels like he adapts easily. But that’s about all I know about him. Oh and I know he’s good in the sack. Lol  He falls in love with Lily like warp speed fast, which usually grates on my nerves but this time it’s not obnoxious. He seems honorable and straight forward and mature beyond his years. Overall a good match to Lily, he can keep her under control.
Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was on the short side and missed some of the usual Rachel Gibsonness that I’ve come to love in her full length novels. I’m afraid to say Rachel Gibson will never be a novella queen, but this is a solid hit for a short. It’s no secret I adore Rachel Gibson and this book was no exception to my love affair with Rachel Gibson novels! Oh, there are tons of steamy scenes in this one, she really packs them in! Lily and Tucker were burning up the pages…
4 orchids. 

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