Lori Foster – Simons Says

SBC Fighter Series:
Book 2:
Simons Says: Simon “Sublime” Evans and Dakota Dream
After Simon catches his girlfriend of 5 years of cheating he makes the decision to return the ring after a several year absence. His training is the most important thing and the last thing he wants is a distraction. Dakota hates Barnaby Jailer her step father, he knows the exact buttons to push to guilt trip her into helping him find his son, SBC legend Simon Evans. As a huge fan of SBC Dakota can’t wait to meet Simon, she just hates the reason for it. At first glance of Dakota Simon calls dibs, there is just something about her, even though she wants the impossible from him and she is a distraction he just can’t let her go. When Dakota’s past catches up with her both her and Simons life could be in jeopardy!
Simon is every woman’s dream man, he is incredibly good looking, sexy, dangerous, and surprisingly thoughtful for a man. He is not afraid to commit and is basically a one woman man. He understands what Dakota needs and makes sure to give it to her. Dakota can kick some serious arse. She went through some serious issues when she was younger and made some bad decisions which she is still paying for. She made sure that she can take care of herself and that would never happen to her again. She was able to walk into a gym of hardened SBC fighters and win them all over; you know you have to be pretty special for that to happen! Dakota’s friend Barber is introduced in this book and I also really enjoyed his character a lot and hope to see more of him in future books and we also get cameos from the first book with Dean and crew! You will fall in love with all the fighters introduced in this book along with Dakota and Simon!
4 orchids out of 5

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