Lori Foster – Causing Havoc

SBC Fighter Series:
Book 1:
Causing Havoc: Dean “Havoc” Connor and Eve Lavon
Dean hasn’t seen his sisters (Cam and Jacki) since his parent’s death when he was 9 when his aunt kicked him out and sent him with his uncle. Now 20 years later he is one of the top fighters in the SBC an ultimate fighting sport. After a brutal match he receives a letter from his long lost sister requesting that he come visit. With misgivings he decides to make the trip to see what his sisters could possibly want after 20 years. When he arrives in Harmony, Kentucky the first person he meets is Eve and the sparks fly immediately.  He had hoped she would have taken him home that night but Roger the owner of the bar they were in got in the way. The next day, with mixed emotions Dean went to his family’s house to see his sisters, but as luck would have it the beautiful Eve was there visiting his sister Cam and helped to avoid a very potentially awkward moment. Upon talking to Cam he realizes that his sisters didn’t even know about him, his *itch of an aunt attempted to destroy all evidence of his existence. Dean is not sure how he feels about his sisters but its clear Cam is determined to bring Dean into the familial fold. Dean is sure about what he feels for Eve and that is pure lust! He cannot wait to get his hands on her. Dean and Eve’s affair heats up but as that does all of the sudden “accidents” start happening. It is clear someone wants Dean gone from Harmony…
This is my first foray into Lori Foster and I have to say it’s a good place to start! I really like the SBC world that L. Foster has created. The men are alpha’s with tattoo’s and rock hard bodies and know how to do some serious damage. Dean is currently one of the top fighters in the SBC, he is called Havoc because it seems like there is no method to his madness in the ring. But with Dean everything is calculated. He is used to being cool, calm and collected and nothing gets through until the woman of Harmony. They are all making him feel things he never thought he would feel again. It is great to watch as his ladies start cracking his façade! I also really liked Eve, nothing seemed to phase her. She was perfect for Dean, she understood him better than he understood himself sometimes. She understood his life style and his conflicting emotions with his sisters and always managed to get him on the right path. Dean’s sisters also have a huge part in the book and you will also like them. Cam is the girl next door type , she is very loving and accepting. You can’t help but love her. Jacki is fiery and a wild child! She has a whirlwind Romance with SBC fighter Gregor which I personally really enjoyed. I wish they would have had their own book as well. Foster kept the story moving and you never got bored, and I am excited to move onto the next book!

4 orchids out of 5


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