Rachel Gibson – Not Another Bad Date

Writer Friends Series:
Book 4:
Not Another Bad Date: Zach Zematis and Adele Harris
For three years Adele has had nothing but bad dates! Normally sane and nice guys turn in utter freaks by the end of the date. Adele has seriously come to the conclusion she is cursed! One night Adele finds herself reflecting on relationships past in particular one; her first love Zach Zematis UT’s star quarterback and later one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history.  He broke her heart when he told her that his ex-girlfriend was pregnant and he had to do the right thing.  In the middle of Adele’s reflections her very pregnant sister calls to tell Adele that she is leaving her cheating husband and is moving back to Cedar Creek, Texas; where the girls grew up. She asks Adele to come help her for a weeks. The last thing Adele wants to do is go back to the place where she had so many miserable memories but her sister needs her. When her sister is hospitalized Adele’s couple of weeks just turned into a minimum of four months.  When Adele goes to pick up her niece the last person she expects to see is Zach, looking better than she remembered and she remembered him looking pretty darned good. When Zach comes back from a run the last person he expected to see in his driveway is Adele whom he remembers very fondly from his last year of college before his late wife Devon announced she was pregnant and irrevocably changed his life. Devon has been dead 3 years and Zach couldn’t uproot his daughter so he stayed in Cedar Creek and now coached high school football. Life is pretty good; except his sex life which has been non-existant in the last 3 years, but now Adele is in town looking better than he remembered and he remembered her looking pretty darned good! Too bad she looks at him like he’s worst than gum on the bottom of her shoe…
This is my second favorite book of the series. I like the dynamic between Adele and Zach, there is sexual attract yet she resists Zach. Zach isn’t used to chasing any woman; they tend to fall in his lap. The chase does Zach some good.  But the attraction is intense despite the history between the two.  Zach has some deep seeded trust issues, which is understandable considering his late wife who was the same girl that made Adele’s life miserable when they were growing up.  These two have a lot of individual issues to overcome and it’s not looking like they will be able to do so, will they be able to get their heads right or will they let another opportunity pass them by?
4.5 Orchids out of 5


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