Rachel Gibson – Tangled Up in You

Writer Friends Series:

Book 3:
Tangled Up in You: Mick Hennessy and Maddie Jones

Maddie is finally ready to confront her past. After her mother and her lover Loch Hennessy are murdered by his wife Rose, Maddie’s and Loch’s two young children lives are never the same. Maddie is shipped off to live with her great aunt and Meg and Mick are forced to live down the scandal in the small town of Truly, Idaho. Maddie blows into Truly determined to write the story of the love triangle gone horribly wrong, but she does it under her pen name Madeline Dupree, so no one knows the connection, only that she is a True Crime writer. Mick is less than pleased that Maddie has come into his town bringing up things better left in the past, but despite himself he is drawn to Maddie like a moth to the flame. Maddie knows that the last person on earth she should be with is Mick, but like all Hennessy men, he is irresistible! She knows if Mick ever finds out who she really is, all hell will break loose…

This is one of my favorite Rachel Gibson novels. Maddie is such a smart ass, I love it! She interviews sociopaths for a living, so there is little that intimidates her, except Mick. Maddie has little to no desire to be a baby maker or have a white wedding, which I can relate to. All she wants is some good sex and Mick is just the man that could give to her and give it to her right. Maddie has no desire to waste her time on something that’s not worth the effort. Again, I can relate. LOL! Mick has the whole black Irish look going on. The Black hair, and bright blue eyes, who’s not a sucker for that combo with dimples to boot! Sign me up! He’s a man that knows what he wants and is not afraid to go after it, even if he knows he shouldn’t want it. He is just the man that could tame and handle someone like Maddie, not every man could handle her. It would certainly take a special man to do that and Mick is just that man. Not easily intimidated. I love all the smart ass humor! I have read this book so many times it has fallen apart and I think after this last reread I’m going to have to retire this copy and break down and repurchase it, maybe in eBook format so I can’t break any more copies. LOL!

5 Orchids out of 5


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