Rachel Gibson – Lola Carlyle Reveals All

Lola Carlyle Reveals All: Max Zamora and Lola Carlyle

Formal bathing suit and lingerie supermodel Lola Carlyle is taking a “mental health” vacation after naked pictures are leaked on the internet by her scumbag ex-fiancé. She is asleep when the boat she is on is “commandeered” Max Zamora who claims to be with the United States military, as if she could believe that. He has obviously been beaten and is probably some sort of criminal. Max has had the shittiest day started with his delayed flight and ending with being discovered after all if his intel was bad by a Columbian drug cartel. Max was barely able to escape with his life and now he has to deal with a supermodel and her yippie dog. To make a bad day even worse she melted the shit out of the navigation panel when she shot it with a flare gun. Now they are stuck at sea, with a drug cartel after Max. The chances of them being rescued alive are slim to none…

This is actually a re-read for me. I don’t remember this book being as funny as it was this time through. I’d have to say the re-read was better than the original run through. Max is a sexy ex-Navy SEAL who now works for the part of the government that does not exist. He’s a real man’s man who is like MacGyver. Give him some duct tape and a few random items and he will try to make something of use with them. He doesn’t think love is for him and doesn’t have to try so hard to remain detached from his “lady friends”, that is until Lola. Lola is surprisingly funny and sassy! She doesn’t take shit from the big bad Max Zamora and holds her own in life or death situations. With Lola you get a glimpse of a recovering bulimic, which sheds some light on the incredibly demanding fashion industry and the media’s idea of what a woman should look like. I for one am glad that Rachel Gibson went there and put out how incredibly unrealistic media’s and fashions idea of what a woman’s body should look like and the lengths some woman will go to too meet it. Gibson is saying it’s ok to have curves!

3.5 Orchids out of 5


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