Rachel Gibson – I’m In No Mood For Love

Writer Friends Series:

Book 2:
I’m In No Mood For Love: Sebastian Vaughan and Clare Wingate

Clare had to unexpectedly run home before her best friend Lucy’s wedding only to catch her fiancé Lonny in the middle of “THE act” in her closet with the Maytag man. At the wedding she drowns her sorrow’s which champagne, Jager and bad karaoke. When she wakes up naked in a hotel room she is mortified and when the man walks out of the bathroom and it’s her childhood crush Sebastian she wishes she could take back the whole night! Clare spent the whole night crying and complaining and nothing physical actually happened but when Clare immediately accuses Sebastian of “taking advantage” of her Sebastian decides to get a little revenge and decides to let her think the worst. Sebastian has decided to mend the fence with his estranged father before another 15 years passes and suddenly its too late. Sebastian is one of the top Journalists in the world and he finds himself losing some of the drive so he spends more time with his father who happens to be Clare’s mother’s gardener, which brings him in more contact with delectable Clare. She was an awkward looking child who has turned into a beautiful woman. Clare can’t stand Sebastian he could just look at her and irritate her or is it really desire that she is trying to deny?

I really enjoyed this book, I found myself laughing quite often! Clare is such a girly girl and a romantic, my polar opposite, but that didn’t seem to matter. Maybe it is her terrible taste in men that I can relate to, but I found myself relating to her even though I thought I wouldn’t. She is a “good girl” but underneath that façade she is kind of a smart ass, she just doesn’t let it out, to anyone but Sebastian. I haven’t met a man from Rachel Gibson’s mind that I haven’t liked and Sebastian is no exception. He is a classic commitment phob, but you can’t help to love him anyway. You can really feel for Sebastian’s small early life crisis, after the sudden death of his mother his whole world has been up rooted and he doesn’t know where to go from there. All of the sudden everything he thought he loved doesn’t seem to hold the same meaning to it. It lends him a vulnerable side. In this novel you see more of the four writer friends and you can’t wait to see what’s in store for them.

4.5 orchids out of 5


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