Rachel Gibson – Any Man Of Mine

Seattle Chinooks Hockey

Book 6:
Any Man of Mine: Sam LeClaire and Autumn Haven
Vegas 6 years ago:
Autumn was on vacation in Las Vegas trying to relax after a grueling past two years and subsequent death of her mother. She wanted to see the sites, see Cher and ride the New York New York roller coaster, instead she found herself riding something far more pleasurable. When Sam saw Autumn dancing on the Pure dance floor he knew he had to have her. After an intense passionate weekend What Happened in Vegas didn’t stay there. Autumn woke up alone in bed at the Caesar’s Palace married to an A-hole and preggers. 
Present Day:
After the divorce and Connors birth Sam and Autumn haven’t been able to be in the same room with each other without wanting to do bodily damage. But two years have passed since they last saw each other and they are both calmer now. When they meet at a wedding they are able to have a civil conversation. After a comment from Autumn, Sam realizes he has become the father he never wanted to be and set about to change that. Which brings him and Autumn together more and the sparks fly, just like they did 6 years ago. But are sparks enough to get passed the past? 
So it is no secret that I love me some Rachel Gibson, she never disappoints me. Every book she has written I have thoroughly enjoyed if not completely loved. This one I love, it’s not my favorite but it is definitely up there. 
On several levels I can maybe not necessarily completely relate to Autumn and Sam but certainly understand some of their choices. Living only a few hours from Vegas myself I have been there several times so I can totally see, how these two got totally carried away and had an intense weekend of drinking and loving. They wouldn’t be the first two that has ever happened to, there is just something about Vegas that makes you throw caution into the wind and just go with it. Now does everyone who goes to Vegas end up in bed and married, absolutely not! However; with the vibe of Vegas compounded with the emotional trauma of losing loved ones recently that both Autumn and Sam were dealing with, it’s a possible outcome. They were lonely, depressed and running from real life, in each other they found what they needed and got carried away. I have also lost loved ones and anyone that has knows that sometimes you can lose yourself, and Sam certainly did. Autumn is a great mother and I’d be pretty pissed too, if I was left in a hotel room without even a good bye and then served divorce papers, and had to go through a lawyer to tell the man I married that I was pregnant. She should have kicked him in the ding a ling instead of just thinking about it. LOL! Sam once he realizes that he has become the father he never wanted to be he tries to right his wrongs, he doesn’t continue to be a douche, but instead becomes a good father to his child. I can respect that.
I did see flashes of Simply Irresistible in this book, maybe for the first couple of chapters I was afraid that I was going to be reading SI again with different characters, but it quickly changed and became its own story. I enjoyed seeing past Chinooks again, esp Mini Pit and Short Boss, Chelsea is one of my favorites of this series so I was happy to see her. I really enjoyed the introduction of Vince, Autumns brother and I think and hope he will be getting a book of his own. I really think he would make a great main character with his own HEA. I really enjoyed the Vegas scenes, it brought back my own Vegas memories and I knew all the places RG was writing about. This book in general has a different feeling from RG’s other books. I would say it’s a little deeper and has more emotional complexities and maybe not as light hearted but it still has plenty of RG’s usual humor!
4.5 Orchids out of 5

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