Nora Roberts – Born In Ice

Born In Sisters Trilogy:
Book 2:
Born in Ice: Brianna Concannon and Grayson Thane
Brianna is the second daughter to the Concannon’s, she was born of duty and church. Brianna is nothing if not dutiful. All of her life she has been at her mother’s beck and call.  Finally, due to Maggie’s success as a glass artist, Brianna has some space from her overbearing mother.  Brianna now runs a successful B&B and finds much satisfaction from that life, her house is always filled with people just as she likes it, but she can’t help but feel a little bit lonely and she longs for a family of her own but accepts that will likely never happen. Her one chance left 10 years earlier. Grayson Thane is a bestselling author and a gypsy. He never stays in one place too long, he lives by living in the now, not thinking of yesterday or tomorrow.  On a whim he decides to stay at Brianna’s B&B for the next couple of months while he is writing his book. What he doesn’t count on is the incredible pull to the land and especially to his beautiful land lady. The attraction between the two is instant and it is fierce, but Grayson is a man that will never stay in one place, and Brianna is firmly planted in her home, something between these two can never work, or can it?
Brianna is calm cool and collected, she knows what is expected of her and she does not deviate from that. After the heart break from the man that left her right before their wedding, Brianna wraps herself in ice that few men could ever penetrate. Good thing Gray is no ordinary man, he’s that guy that walks into a bar and makes friends with everyone, the guy you can’t help but like. But you know that anything with his is temporary, but man while it lasts there is nothing better! Gray is instantly likeable, and it’s no wonder Brianna falls for him. Brianna gives Gray, everything he thought he never wanted, but the pull to her is something he can’t stop.  You hope these two can work it out despite their differences but it just doesn’t look good, their lives are too different and it doesn’t seem like they can overcome that hurdle. Brianna can’t leave and Gray can’t stay.
4.5 orchids out of 5


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