Nora Roberts – Born in Fire

Born In Sisters Trilogy:

Book 1:
Born In Fire: Margaret Mary Concannon and Rogan Sweeny

Maggie was born in a flash of fire and passion between two people who found that they were not suited for each other. Beliefs in church and tradition keep those two together to the misery of all involved.  That flash of passion and misery shaped Maggie into what she is today: a passionate, stubborn, hard headed, very talented glass artist. Maggies lives simply on her families land next to her sister in the West Counties of Ireland. Rogan as the head of Worldwide Industries and Worldwide Galleries see brilliance when he first sees M.M. Concannon’s work, he knows that he wants her exclusively for Worldwide, now if he can only get her to agree. Maggie doesn’t want what Rogan is offering, but she needs it. With Rogan all of her dreams can come true (especially the one of getting her mother out of her sisters house), but she doesn’t have to like it.

I adore this book; it’s my favorite of the series. I don’t know how many times I have read it.  Maggie is hot headed and bad tempered most of the time, but she is a woman that knows what she wants and for now she wants Rogan. She is all fire, passion and temper and take Rogan on a wild ride. Rogan is Maggie’s opposite, cool, calm, and controlled. But with Maggie he finds all that control slipping through his fingers. The passion and conflicts between these two will keep you entertained from beginning to end. The subplot dealing with Maggie’s family is heartbreaking. Growing up as Maggie did is enough to break your heart, knowing that you weren’t wanted and because of you two lives were ruined is a hard knowledge to grow up with.  It’s no wonder Maggie is a hardcore commitment phob. But Rogan is so good for her; steady, sure, her rock, someone to count on. He’s the calm to her storm.

5 orchids out of 5


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