Rachel Gibson – The Trouble with Valentine’s Day

Seattle Chinooks Hockey Series:

The Trouble with Valentine’s Day: Rob Sutter and Kate Hamilton
Kate has come to a crossroads in her life. After a long stream of boyfriends that went nowhere and a job, she can no longer do because she feels partially responsible for a horrific murder. As a private investigator, she tracked down a man’s family which he ended up killing (and she thought he was so normal), after that she packed up her life to go to the wilderness of Gospel, Idaho, where her grandfather owns a small grocery store. On the trip to Gospel she stopped at a ski lodge one town over on Valentine’s Day night.  Tired of her past mundane and now non-existent sex life, she’d like to live out just one of her fantasies. When a man straight out of her fantasies with his rugged good looks, bulging muscles and tattoo sits next to her, she decides to take a risk and proposition him. Rob is a former hockey enforcer for the Seattle Chinooks, after a groupie stalked and shot him several times ending his hockey career. Rob moved to Gospel, Idaho, to be near his nurse mother for rehab and ended up liking it and staying there permanently. On his annual ski trip with buddies, he sits next to a bombshell redhead (He was always a sucker for a red head) with legs up to her ears. When she propositions him, he is first aroused and then angry. After almost being killed by a one night stand, he is no longer willing to risk his life for sex and he abruptly, declines and leaves, mad that he was even tempted to take her up on her offer. After Kate is so rudely rejected, she is incredibly embarrassed, never in her life has she been so humiliated! For a couple of weeks after “the incident” she consoles herself with the fact that at least she will never see that man again, until, he walks right into the grocery store where she is working. Rob is just as surprised to see the red head as she is to see him, when her grandfather introduces them, can we say awkward! Kate is looking just as gorgeous as he remembered and there was no way he was forgetting that red head, she kept him up several nights! After Kate’s huge embarrassment with Rob, she wishes she could hate him, but her stubborn attraction to the man just won’t seem to go away and that infuriates her. Despite himself Rob finds himself liking her more and more as the weeks pass. But is this new found like enough for him to get past the fact that you just can’t trust woman, after all one went crazy and shot him, ending his career, his marriage and almost his life.

Ok so this is one of my favorite Rachel Gibson books. I love sassy, smart a$$ woman characters and Kate is definitely that! She keeps Rob on his toes and gives him no breaks. When he is out of line she puts him in his place. It’s fun to see an alpha male put in his place from time to time. Rob has a lot of hang ups that he has to work through, after the shooting he is understandably damaged inside and out. He goes through an inner struggle and Kate helps him through it, just by being herself. Like Kate I also have a thing for rugged, tattooed, muscled men! Yummy! Rob has this tattoo, which just begs to be licked! Oops did I just say that out loud? Lucky Kate, she gets to, and everywhere else! Which brings me to the passion! These two steam up the pages, well they would if it was possible. Nowhere is safe from these two, including the grocery store aisles. Clean up in aisle 3 please! This read will not disappoint! I cannot say enough good things about Rachel Gibson!

5 orchids out of 5

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