Rachel Gibson – Daisy’s Back In Town

Daisy’s Back In Town: Jackson Parrish and Daisy Lee Monroe
Daisy, Jackson and Steven grew up together in Lovett, Texas. They were the best of friends growing up, until.. Once summer Daisy came back from visiting relatives looking all grown up and the most beautiful thing they have ever seen. Immediately Jackson and Steven noticed the change and all of the sudden Daisy was a potential wedge between the two friends. They made a pact that neither one of them would peruse Daisy, but Daisy was having none of that when she set her sights on Jackson. For months Jackson and Daisy carried on behind Steven’s back. Their affair was a fire; it was hot and out of control. The passion was fiery and the jealously was intense.  The rollercoaster relationship was scary for both Daisy and Jackson who did not know how to handle their intense feelings.  When tragedy struck Jackson’s family he felt like he was drowning and told Daisy he needed space. Daisy received some disturbing news of her own. Scared out of her mind Daisy went to Steven and he suggested they get married and she go to Washington State with him. Not knowing what else to do, she agrees.
15 years later Steven has passed away after a long hard battle with cancer. Daisy has returned to Lovett, with a letter for Jackson and news that she has been avoiding telling him for 15 years. Now if only she can get Jackson alone for a minute so she can do what she has come to Lovett to do. Jackson is having none of Daisy! She blew his whole world apart when she ran off with his best friend 15 years ago just days after both of his parents were killed. That was a wound that he thought was closed up, but with Daisy’s return he realized that Daisy and Steven’s betrayal cut deeper than he thought and even worse whenever Daisy is around the fire still burns hotly enough to scorch these two…
As per usual Rachel Gibson shines with this book. I have read this book several times. Jackson is actually one of my favorite males from all of Gibson’s novels. He is a good old boy, who is tall, gorgeous and restores vintage American cars. And drives a Shelby! I have a secret weakness (well I guess it’s not a secret anymore) when it comes to classic muscle car! And it’s even worse with Mustangs. I still remember watching “Gone in 60 Seconds” and Eleanor! There is this one scene with Jackson, Daisy and a custom Lancer, and that’s all I’m saying! Daisy seems a little cowardly but she seems to find her backbone by the end. However, if I had the history that she has with Jackson, I don’t think I would have been all that forthcoming either and would drag my feet.  It’s one of the things I like about R. Gibson, her characters are believable, and they have faults and insecurities just like real people. I think that’s one of the reasons a reader can relate so well to the characters of any of R. Gibson’s books. As with all R. Gibson’s books there is her trademark humor present. When you least expect it, she’ll throw in a one liner or some smart a$$ comment and there you are laughing. And her secondary characters are no slouches either; they have their own personalities and hold their own. In this novel some honorable mentions have to go to Daisy’s mom and sister, they are also quite funny and eccentric. This is a must read from R. Gibson’s collection.
What I don’t like: The only problem I have with R. Gibson’s writing is that we only get one book a year! That’s just not enough! I mean can we work out a once every 6 months, or even every 9 months?!?! I mean I need my fix!!
5 orchids out of 5


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