Johanna Lindsey – Tender Rebel

Tender Rebel: Anthony Malory and Roslynn Chadwick

After Roslynn grandfather passes and leaves his entire estate to her instead of her cousin Gordie; she fears Gordie will come after her and force her into an unwanted marriage. Roslynn leaves Scotland in the middle of the night for London, the last place she thinks Gordie will look to find herself a husband, not only to protect herself from her cousin but to also honor her grandfathers dying wish. From the moment the notorious rake Anthony Malory see’s the beautiful Roslynn he knows he must possess her. He has never has such a strong reaction to a woman. Even when Roslynn expresses that she must get married and he will not do at all, he still does not give up… Even if he has to marry her…

This is I believe the 2nd book in the Malory series, following up Anthony’s niece Regina’s book. I have to say Johanna Lindsey is one of the premier writers of historical romance, she has a way of writing that you feel like you are in the time period along with the characters. The Malory family as a whole is endearing and Anthony is no exception, although, I do have to admit a certain fondness for James Malory, who is featured in this novel quite often. There is a surprising amount of intrigue in this book, with Roslynn’s, inept cousin Gordie after her. Anthony and Roslynn steam up the pages, their chemistry is as explosive as Roslynns temper. Which as a Scottish lass is quite explosive! And let me tell you this little woman knows how to hold a grudge and is probably the only female that has been able to bring the infamous Anthony Malory to heel!

4 orchids out of 5


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