Carly Phillips – Hot Item

Hot Zone Series:

Book 3:
Hot Item: Riley Nash and Sophie Jordan

It’s been a bad week! When Spencer Atkins, partner of Hot Zone is “outted” publically all hell breaks loose and Sophie is the only one available to weather the storm, even Spencer has disappeared. All of Riley’s life he has wanted his biological father Spencer Atkins to acknowledge his existence and now that Spencer is “outted” he can’t afford for Spencer to acknowledge him, not with his step fathers political career on the line. For years Sophie and Riley have been circling around each other.  Riley as one the top NFL quarterbacks is a big client for Hot Zone, so when he shows up in Sophie’s office asking for a favor there is no way she can turn him down, despite how nervous he makes her.  Riley needs to find Spencer and he needs to find him now, and it seems Sophie is his only link to funding him, but he will have to trust her with his biggest secret.

This is my first book by Carly Phillips and I have to admit I was kind of disappointed, this book was ok. It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t GREAT! I don’t know why but I kind of expected it to be great, from what I have heard of Carly Phillips, but it just wasn’t. It was kind of interesting to see the female as the commitment phob instead of the typical male, but that was about the only thing that was atypical of novels of this genre. I got out of the book a few chuckles and some steamy love scenes, so it was light entertainment. I wouldn’t discourage anyone from reading this book nor would I really recommend it.

3 orchids out of 5

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