Kresley Cole – Immortals After Dark

Immortals after Dark Series:

This series as a whole is exciting, funny, and a quick read you won’t be able to get enough! Kresely Cole really knows how to grab within the first chapter. She is quick witted and exceedingly good at incorporating young modern dialect, current technology and humor into her books.  A lot of pop culture of today will appear in the book which adds a bit of familiar in a mythical world.

The basic concept is that there are mythical beings that are not so mythical and are mostly immortal. These beings are a part of the “Lore” which is what they call their world and themselves as “Loriens”.  You will meet Vampires, Demons, Vemons, Valkyrie, Witches, Lykae, and more! Each race has its own strengths and weakness’, some have fated mates and others don’t. They are approaching the Accession which occurs roughly every 500 years.  What this is, is that it pits good factions against evil factions, there is no one huge battle but more of smaller but very deadly skirmishes. This acts as a sort of checks and balances for the immortals so they don’t as a group get to large and start drawing attention of the humans! As you will also see that fate also throws fated mates together and many of different species so it’s great fun to watch them struggle with each other!

So of the things I LOVE about this series is the women are often as strong in their own way as their male counter parts. There are no meek little ladies in this series. They can wield a sword or a spell as well as the men and they don’t need them to protect them; although, the overbearing men usually can’t help themselves from trying! Also, the characters reappear in each other’s books so you don’t have to say good bye once the book is over because you will likely see them again. Kresely Cole does this beautifully, where as the books may set up other books the books themselves can stand on their own. You can skip around and not miss a beat; I actually started with the last one and skipped around picking up each book as it interested me. This can be hard to achieve.  Also I love Kresely Coles humor, it is used perfectly the books don’t take themselves too seriously and you will find yourself laughing in the most random places. The character Nix who appears in each of the books is especially humorous! Once you start reading this series you won’t stop, I got several of my co-workers HOOKED! They can thank me later.

Series Rating:
5 Orchids out of 5


Immortal Species:


Reading Order:
Please click on the book titles to get to each books reviews from my other blog dedicated to Paranormal Romance.

Book 1:
Playing Easy to Get: Nikolai Wroth and Myst the Coveted
*In an anthology

Book 2:
A Hunger Like No Other: Lachlain MacRieve and Emmaline Troy

Book 3:
No Rest for the Wicked: Sebastian Wroth and Kaderin the Cold Hearted

Book 4:
Wicked Deeds on a Winter’s Night: Bowen MacRieve and Mariketa the Awaited

Book 5:
Dark Needs at a Night’s Edge: Conrad Wroth and Néomi Laress

Book 6:
Dark Desires after Dusk: Cadeon Woede the Kingmaker and Holly Ashwin

Book 7:
Kiss of a Demon King: Rydstrom Woede and Sabine, the Queen of Illusions

Book 8:
Deep Kiss of Winter: Murdoch Wroth and Daniela the Ice Maiden
*In an anthology

Book 9:
Pleasure of a Dark Prince: Garreth MacRieve and Lucia the Huntress

Book 10:
Demon from the Dark: Malkom Slaine and Carrow Graie the Incarcerated

Book 11:
Dreams of a Dark Warrior: Declan Chase a.k.a. Aidan the Fierce and Regin the Radiant



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