J.R. Ward – Black Dagger Brotherhood

Black Dagger Brotherhood:

The Black Dagger Brotherhood series follows a group of fierce vampire warriors whose sole duty is to protect their dying race.  The series as a whole is highly addictive! Once you start reading you will not put down the series until you are done and anticipating the next book to come out like I am doing now!

The basic concept is that Vampires were created by the Scribe Virgin who is obsessed with creation.  Vampires exist next to humans but have very little interaction with them, not even for feeding. For blood purposes Male and Female Vampires feed off of each other. The Omega the Scribe Virgins counterpart is jealous that she can create a whole new species and so he creates a fraction called “Lessers” who are turned humans that hunt the Vampires into extinction.  The Brotherhood and the Lessers have been battling for centuries and now the Vampire race is dwindling, so it’s more important than ever for the Brothers to win!

Throughout the books there are fierce battles all while wooing their women.  What I like about these books is they are mostly from the Brothers’ perspective; in a majority of romance novels they are mostly from the woman character’s perspective with glimpses into the male character’s. Since these books are from the male character’s point of view you almost feel like a voyeur into the male mind. Each male is as flawed as he is strong and each find a woman as their perfect counterpart. The brothers have their own lingo and slang and I find myself wanting to mimic it, I want to be cool like them.  The Brothers are complete badasses! 

The only thing with this series that could be an issue is they are all intertwined which on one hand I love, but on the other hand it is hard to skip around. You kind of have to start at the beginning and go from there. I tried skipping one book and it did not work out, too much had happened in the previous book and I was lost so I had to go back and read the book I missed.

Series Review:
5 moons out of 5

Reading Order:

Dark Lover
Lover Eternal
Lover Awakened
Lover Revealed
Lover Unbound
Lover Enshrined
Lover Avenged
Lover Mine
Lover Unleashed: Release Date March 29, 2011

Other Brothers and their mates:

Tohrment/Wellsie – Featured in other books

Qhuinn/Blaylock – Featured in other books

Blaylock/Qhuinn – Featured in other books

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