Gena Showalter – Lords of the Underworld Series

Gena Showalter – Lords of the Underworld Series

The basic premise is thousands of years ago the High Demons (Violence, Death, Lies, Doubt, Misery, etc…) in Hell were trying to escape to get onto earth.  A box made of the goddess of Oppression bones was made to house the High Demons.  The Lords of the Underworld were Zeus’s elite warrior guards, when Pandora was selected above all other Lords to guard the box they became jealous as certainly they were better than Pandora as one of the only female Lords.  They decided to break open the box to release the demons so they would be able to recapture them thus proving they were the better choice to guard the box. Once the demons were released and Pandora killed they were not able to recapture them, Zeus was furious with the Lords and as a punishment he put a demon in each of the Lords, the demons and the Lords became one, one could not live without the other. For hundreds of years the Lords were out of control, unable to control the demons within.  In response to the uncontrollable Lords a group of humans sprouted up called Hunters. Their mission at first was to kill the Lords and their Demon to rid the earth of all evil (they blamed the Lords for every wrong that has ever happened on earth), later once they realized that the demon within would just be released onto the world if the Lord was killed so they changed tactics to trying to capture; thus beginning a deadly war between the two groups.  Even once the Lords have controlled their demons and their cravings the Hunters still continued blaming the Lords for every tragedy that has befallen them and the war continued for the next couple thousands of years.

Thousands of years later the Lords are living in Budapest and just trying to live as peaceful of an existence that they can, until the war with the Hunters is brought to their front door, thus the series begins!  Once you are sucked into the series you will not be able to get enough! I whipped through the entire series so far in less than a week.  When starting the series I highly recommend writing down each Lords name with their corresponding Demon and keeping it handy, I did not do this and found myself confused for a while and going back and forth to see who was paired with what demon so if it’s right next to you it’s easy access and you do not have to waste any time.  I will list them here for reference as well.

Series Rating:
5 moons out of 5

Lord and their Demon:

Maddox – Violence
Lucien – Death
Reyes – Pain
Sabin – Doubt
Aeron – Wrath
Gideon – Lies
Amun – Secrets
Strider – Defeat
Torin – Disease
Paris – Promiscuity
Kane – Disaster
Cameo – Misery 
Baden – Distrust (Deceased)
Galen – Hope

People of Interest:
Anya – Minor goddess of Anarchy
William – Possible God of ?…. (Immortal and Anya’s partner in crime)
Scarlett – Keeper of the Demon Nightmares
Zeus – King of the Greek gods
Cronus – King of the Titan Gods

Book Reading Order:

The Darkest Fire – Geryon and Kadence, goddess of Oppression

The Darkest Night – Maddox/Violence and Ashlyn Darrow

Book 3:
The Darkest Kiss – Lucien/Death and Anya, minor goddess of Anarchy

Book 4:
The Darkest Pleasure – Reyes/Pain and Danika Ford

Book 5:
The Darkest Whisper – Sabin/Doubt and Gwendolyn the Timid (Harpy)

Book 6:
The Darkest Angel – Lysander (Warrior Class Angel) and Bianka (Harpy)

Book 7:
The Darkest Passion – Aeron/Wrath and Olivia (Fallen Angel)

Book 8:
The Darkest Lie – Gideon/Lies and Scarlett/Nightmares

Book 9:
The Darkest Secret – Amun/Secrets and ?
Release Date: March 29, 2011

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